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‘Y&R’ Spoiler: Mark Grossman Confirms Adam & Sally Get Intimate



Mark Grossman-Adam Newman-YouTube 1

Things are heating up on The Young and the Restless. Mark Grossman (Adam Newman) confirmed that Adam and Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) will become intimate once again. Mark spilled the tea on what fans will see happen and what leads them to the bedroom. Keep reading to find out more.

Young and Restless star Mark Grossman confirms hookup

Young and the Restless actor Mark Grossman confirmed recently that Adam Newman and Sally Spectra will once again find themselves wrapped in passion in her bed. Spoilers reveal that after Sally tells Adam she still has feelings for him he chooses to play it cool. Of course, this isn’t like Adam at all. Normally, he’d pursue and press forward. Not this time. Adam is choosing to give her the space she wants.

But, is it really space she wants or to be back in Adam’s arms?

Adam Newman-Mark Grossman-YouTube

Adam Newman-Mark Grossman-YouTube

Grossman revealed that while Adam is having a drink at GCAC bar, Sally will appear. He will invite her to stay for a drink. However, she will realize it was a bad idea to come down and quickly retreat back to her suite.

This time Adam won’t let her go. He follows her upstairs and ends up outside her suite. She wants to turn him away but she can see that he too is upset. She presses him for information and Adam shares he’s worried about his father.

Sally-Young and Restless-YouTube

Sally-Young and Restless-YouTube

Sally has empathy for Adam and they embrace. Of course, feeling each other’s touch is sure to ignite a fire within them. Adam and Sally will pull back from their hug and look deep into each other’s eyes. They are both thinking and feeling the same thing. Grossman revealed the look in their eyes was mutual.

Adam will ask Sally if she wants to stop. She says no and they will take things inside the suite and straight to the bedroom.

Will this mean a relationship again for them?

While Adam and Sally will sleep together, it doesn’t mean either of them want a relationship. They were leaning on each other in a moment of weakness. Mark Grossman revealed that Adam and Sally both have a lot to emotionally unpack.

Will their hookup move her closer to Adam or will she decide Nick is who she really wants? Only time will tell. They both have a lot to figure out in regard to their future.

Stay tuned and come back to TV Spoiler News for more spoilers and updates on all your Young and the Restless favorites.

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