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‘Y&R’ Eric Braeden Issues Serious Warning To Fans



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Young and the Restless star Eric Braeden issued a serious warning to his fans. He shared in April that he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. The 82-year-old is a fighter and is now cancer-free. He’s still living his best life and while he’s doing it he’s dishing out advice that could save someone else’s life. Keep reading to find out his serious warning to fans.

Eric Braeden has a serious message for fans

Young and the Restless star Eric Braden has a serious message for fans. In a recent talk show interview, Eric shared details about what led him to go to the doctor which ultimately led to his cancer diagnosis.

He said, “Long story short, I ended up at a urologist’s office after I couldn’t pee at all anymore. Those of you who are my age, 49….” He paused to give a smile while the audience chuckled. Eric went on to say, “I can tell you, it’s very painful. I mean, you get scared. Nothing comes out.”

Things took a serious tone at this point. Eric said, “I tell all of you guys, have a cystoscopy. Have it examined early on, so that you catch it early. So, go for it! Fight it!”

A cystoscopy is a hollow tube (cystoscope) equipped with a lens is inserted into your urethra and slowly advanced into your bladder.

After undergoing immunotherapy, Eric was declared cancer-free. He continues to live a very active, positive lifestyle.

One would have thought the disease would slow him down. Wrong, he didn’t even quit work. In fact, Victor Newman is not going anywhere anytime soon. He has said how much he loves his job and the people he works with.

Eric himself will have a  cystoscopy every few months to make sure he’s still cancer free. He said, “Every so often, every few months or whatever, I’ll have another cystoscopy, all to find the damn thing early and to fight it. To hell with it.”

He has been a part of The Young and the Restless for a long time

Eric Braeden has been a part of the beloved soap opera since 1980. For over 43 years he has played Victor Newman. He has previously said he stays on one for money and more profoundly because he really does love it. He still enjoys working and acting on the soap.

So don’t fear fans, unless he’s forced into retirement he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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