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‘Y&R’ Eric Braeden Breaks Silence On Retirement & Health



Eric Braeden-Victor Newman-Young and Restless-YouTube

Young and the Restless Eric Braeden breaks his silence on a possible retirement and his health. Eric is known for his famous role as Victor Newman on the hit CBS soap. The 82-year-old recently announced that he has overcome cancer after just sharing the terrifying diagnosis four months earlier. As he gets older, fans continue to wonder when the actor will finally have had enough. Now, he’s sharing what he knows about the future including his role as Victor. Keep reading to find out more.

Eric Braeden breaks silence on retirement and health

Eric Braeden is a legend on Young and the Restless. Who could imagine Genoa City without this icon, Victor Newman? Since his cancer diagnosis was first disclosed his future in acting was uncertain. However, now that his cancer is gone, he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Fox News shared that Eric has no plans to slow down anytime soon. When asked if he is getting closer to retirement after his recent health scare he said, “No, hell no, no, no.”

He went on to say, “I’ve known friends and colleagues of mine … athletic friends of mine who suddenly are retired. And now what? Pickleball?” This is definitely not something Eric is looking to do. Of course, the money is nice, however, it is the simple fact that he truly loves what he does that keeps him around. He also mentioned that he works with some wonderful actors.

He also said, “When you start rehearsing it, it starts making sense. And then suddenly you do the scene and say, ‘That’s it. It felt real.’ That feeling of satisfaction, of having done a scene that seems real, still has not left me. I love it, I still love it today.”

Eric Braeden-YouTube

Eric Braeden-YouTube

He almost didn’t stay on the soap

Eric joined Young and the Restless in 1980. He’s been an icon on the soap for more than 43 years. However, he revealed that he almost didn’t stick around in the early days. He wanted to know what made his character who he was. He then did a scene with Melody Thomas Scott who plays Nikki Newman. After he got through it he called his real wife and told her was he staying.

Eric has been married to Dale Russell Gudegast for more than 60 years. The two have one son together. When he was diagnosed with bladder cancer, he shared it took a toll on their marriage. It wasn’t that she wasn’t supportive but he was moody at times and then would ask for forgiveness.

Eric said, “Marriage is not about tolerance, but acceptance. … But the enduring thing is really liking and respecting the person. That’s really what it’s all about.”

Eric Braeden-Melody Thomas Scott-YouTube

He went on to have surgery called cystoscopy to remove the cancer. After that, he was told he had high-grade cancer cells in his system. Eric revealed having a difficult and painful time urinating throughout this.

Eric has been told he’s cancer-free. However, he says his health journey is not over.  He revealed that he is doing his best to be active and exercise. He has always been an athlete and prides himself on that.

Throughout being treated for his cancer he never slowed down working on the hit soap. So, it looks like Victor isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. What do you think about Eric still going strong and not slowing down?

Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers on all your Young and the Restless faves.

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