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Why Did Caryn Chandler Really Quit ‘LPBW’, Will She Be Back?



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According to sources, Caryn Chandler, Matt Roloff’s Little People Big World fiancée, has left the show because of conflict with the family. Why Season 24 was the deciding factor.

Since the first seasons of the program, the reality star has been managing Matt and his ex-wife Amy’s farm.

After being harassed by viewers over the Roloff Farm property storyline on air, Caryn Chandler made the decision to leave the show. Discover how it has affected people and how it all transpired by reading on.

Caryn opposes Matt Roloff’s desire for a second season.

At their family’s pumpkin farm in Oregon last year, Matt, 61, informed visitors that a new season had not yet been planned before the debut.

However, a source claimed that the show’s chances were dim as a result of Caryn’s decision to quit.

Caryn is finished, but Matt truly wants another season, the insider informed The U.S. Sun.

Caryn Chandelr - Matt Roloff

Caryn Chandler Sick Of Being In The Middle Of the Drama

“She feels as though she’s the one always caught in the middle trying to mediate.

“Although she knows it probably makes for good ratings, she doesn’t want to be a part of it anymore.”

During the Little People Big World, Season 24 episode about the pumpkin season, Zach even makes reference to the “hostile environment” at the family farm.

In the season 24 trailer, Zach reaffirmed that he and Tori had no intentions for Caryn to meet their little son Josiah. But when Caryn did finally meet Josiah, it looked to be for the cameras only.

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Tori Roloff & Caryn Chandler Are Not On Friendly Terms Anymore

“Caryn and Tori are definitely not as close as they used to be,” the source said. “And the feud between the sons has been a lot.

Caryn’s ideal home is being constructed on the Roloff Farms site thanks to Matt’s tireless efforts, and it is rising quickly. Additionally, Matt proposed to Caryn, and she said yes!

matt roloff dream house


Big Changes Since The LPBW Drama Went Down

The insider went on to explain that Caryn, 54, used to look forward to taping the show, especially after she started dating Matt in 2017 and started to garner more notoriety. However, she has subsequently changed her mind.

The source also said, “She’s letting Matt decide whether or not he wants to do another season,” “She is okay with whatever he decides.”
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