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Who Is French Director Justine Triet?



Anatomy of a Fall, which was directed by Justine Triet and won the Palme d’Or at the 76th annual edition of the Cannes Picture Festival in France, was recognized as the best picture in the competition. The courtroom drama has now surpassed Aki Kaurismaki’s Fallen Leaves, which was also thought to be one of the top favorites for the competition. The director’s work on political documentaries like Sur Place, Age of Panic, and Shadows in the House all had their starts in the year 2007 when production first got underway. But what films does she have under her belt that has garnered her recognition at some of Europe’s most prestigious film awards?

Age of Panic (2013)

Even in her first feature picture, Justine Triet was able to successfully combine genres as varied as comedy, politics, and family drama. The story titled The Age of Panic was first shown for the first time on May 6, 2012, and it tells the story of a television reporter named Leticia who covers the French elections while her ex-husband, Vincent, asks her to see their two daughters. Vincent is attempting to get custody of his wife and children back from their mother. On a chaotic Sunday in the French capital, Leticia’s life is flipped upside down when two difficult girls, an exhausted babysitter, a desperate new lover, a cantankerous lawyer, and a country that is torn in two all come together at the same moment.

Victoria (2016)

Triet continued to explore different comedic styles, which resulted in him receiving five nominations for the Cesar Awards, one of which was for best picture. The narrative shifts to focus on Victoria Spick, a criminal lawyer who comes to the realization that she is in the middle of an existential abyss. Previously, we were following the tale of a reporter. However, she is compelled to attend the wedding, and while she is there, she encounters her friend Vicent, as well as Sam, a former drug dealer whom she has supported in the past. In addition, she will also see Sam’s new husband. The next morning, Vicent wakes up to find that his partner has accused him of attempting to kill someone, and the only witness is the deceased person’s dog. They both have no recollection of what took place. After Victoria has made up her mind to take on the case, she makes the decision to employ Sam to serve as her personal assistant.

Sibyl (2019)

Her most recent film prior to Anatomy of a Fall takes on a different perspective with a female protagonist who worked as a therapist. This was before she directed Anatomy of a Fall. Before beginning work on Anatomy of a Fall, this was her last film. On the other hand, this protagonist eventually realizes that she wants to resume a career in the writing industry rather than continue her psychology studies. When Margot, a young actress who leads a turbulent life and wants to visit her, comes up at her door, the tranquility she has found will be broken. There are a lot of questions that Margot has for her. The author nods her head in agreement, not thinking that the realities she is about to learn from her new patient will drastically change her life’s path from now on.

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