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When Is ‘General Hospital’s Steve Burton’s First day?



Steve Burton-Jason Morgan-General Hospital-YouTube 1

Fans are ecstatic Steve Burton is returning to his role as Jason Morgan on General Hospital. What many want to know now is when his first day will be. Keep reading to find out everything that is known so far.

When is General Hospital’s Steve Burton’s first day back?

General Hospital fans are excited to see Steve Burton make his big comeback to the soap after being fired in 2021. He was let go from the show for refusing the COVID-19-mandated vaccine. He attempted to get religious and medical exemptions before being fired but it was denied.

Now that the mandate has been lifted, he’s coming back and is honored to do so. Steve has voiced how much he loves his character Jason Morgan and having the opportunity to finish his acting career in that role is a dream for him.

So, when will he be making his big debut back on screen? As everyone now knows, the head writers on GH were let go and new ones Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte will take over. Right now, it’s being speculated that the old writing staff’s work will be airing up until early March.

Steve Burton-Jason Morgan-General Hospital-YouTube

Steve Burton-Jason Morgan-General Hospital-YouTube

It’s unclear if Steve began filming with them prior to them being let go. Shows usually tape ahead several weeks. It’s been rumored that the new writing team took over right around the time Steve returns so if that’s accurate his first day will be in March.

However, spoilers have said that Burton will make his big debut in early 2024 so it’s also entirely possible that Jason could return from the dead during February sweeps. The announcement came that he was rehired under the old writer’s watch so his return could be already written. If he does return in February it will be under the written material of the outgoing writing team.

Fans have been going back and forth regarding their opinion of when Steve’s first day will finally arrive. When do you think it will happen?

What Steve has said about returning

TV Insider spoke with Steve Burton about his big return. He shared that originally he really wasn’t even planning on leaving Days of Our Lives. Steve said, “I didn’t have any plans for leaving Days. Days was awesome; I had a great time. It was awesome to go to a place where I started my daytime career. And then, without getting into details because it’s all good, the door closed there, and the GH door opened. It happened quickly, which was amazing.”

As for what he’s looking forward to in regard to his role as Jason Morgan, he said he’s excited to see what happened while he was gone. He is curious how his time away and all that has happened has changed Jason Morgan.

One thing he does know is that his wardrobe will remain the same. He said, “I guess the big question is, new leather jacket or the same old leather jacket?”

Are you excited to see Steve Burton return as Jason Morgan after being presumed dead since November 2021? When do you think his first day will be?

Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers.

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