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When Is ‘B&B’ Jacqueline MacInnes Wood’s Return Date?



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Bold and Beautiful fan favorite Jacqueline MacInnes will officially have her last airdate on September 7. With Steffy Forrester leaving town to keep her children safe from evil Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown), fans are already wondering when they will see her again. So, when will Jacqueline return from maternity leave? Keep reading to find out more.

When will Jacqueline MacInnes Wood return from maternity leave?

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood announced earlier this week that her fourth baby with Elan Ruspoli was born on August 27. The couple welcomed their fourth son together. Other than his birthdate and name there are no other details so far. The photo she released was precious and has fans in awe of her as a mother. In the photo, she is cradling her new son, Valor James Ruspoli while gazing out the window.

In real life, she’s enjoying and relishing her time off with her four children. In her life as Steffy, she is preparing to leave town and jet off to Europe to keep her two children safe from Sheila. So, after agreeing to move home with Finn Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) her passion-filled reunion was interrupted by a creeping, sadistic Sheila staring in the back door.

Finn tries to reassure Steffy that he has complete control of the situation and that Sheila will not be a part of their lives. However, it’s too risky. Everyone knows what Sheila is capable of.

Steffy Forrester-Jacqueline MacInnis Wood-Bold and Beautiful-YouTube

Fans will see Steffy say goodbye to Finn and Liam on Thursday.

There is no official return date that has been released for Jacqueline to make her comeback. Her maternity leave has always leaned more toward being shorter than normal. She will most likely take somewhere around eight weeks of leave. Nobody knows for certain. However, it can be assumed that she will definitely be back in the Los Angeles area in time for November sweeps. But, what awaits her upon her return?

What will happen when Steffy returns?

November sweeps is a time to beef up the drama and have viewers glued to their televisions. One thing is certain, Bold and the Beautiful writers have set the path for there to be a love triangle between Steffy, Liam, and Finn. Who will she choose to give her heart to?

Some even wonder if Liam will visit Steffy overseas in order to see Kelly. If this happens will they be able to rekindle their flame once more?

If one of these two men can eliminate the threat of Sheila forever then perhaps in doing so they will also win Steffy’s love. Or will neither Liam nor Finn do Sheila in but rather will a father’s love save his daughter? Will Ridge Forrester be the one to take down Sheila?

Who knows, there could be an even more dramatic outcome such as perhaps someone else giving their life to save Steffy and the children from devilish Sheila. With November sweeps on the way, anything is possible.

Steffy’s exit leaves a lot of questions and a lot of anticipation for her return.

What do you think will happen?

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