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‘The Little Couple’ UPDATE On Jen Arnold’s Mom’s Alleged Death



Jen Arnold - Bill Klein Instagram

A Facebook post about The Little Couple star Jen Arnold’s mom passing away has fans sad and sending condolences. The tragic words were posted on Jen Arnold’s Facebook wall to her fans. What is really going on with Jen’s mom and her Facebook page?

The Little Couple star Jen Arnold supposedly posted she was mourning the death of her mother, Judy Arnold. Jen allegedly went to Facebook to share the horrible news that her mother had died. The problem with this is that Jen Arnold did not share this awful news about her mother. Read on to see Jen Arnold’s Instagram Live Statement about the people who violated her.

The hackers on Facebook posted”The Loss of a Mother…No matter how old you are, changes your life forever. You never quite get over it, but you learn to live with it. There is always a special place for her, tucked away in your heart. I miss you Mama.” The hackers inserted a sad face and two blue heart emojis as seen below.


Check out Jen Arnold’s live message to fans about being violated by hackers and how long it has been going on. She also apologized to fans. She said: “Yes, my Facebook public page is hacked. Horrible posts and clickbait I cannot stop. Please know that we and @meta are trying to fix it. Hoping I’ll be back soon on Facebook. For now you can follow me here @instagram and @tiktok and @linkedin. Thanks!”

Jen Arnold’s relationship with her mother

Little Couple Jen Arnold has a very special relationship with her mom. Jen has previously praised her mother as being the “Northstar” of their family. She was is blessed to have her mom in her corner.

She has bragged about her mom on Mother’s Day when she made the trip to New York to be with Jen after surgery. Judy made the trip to help her daughter in spite of having a broken leg herself.

Judy also plays a big role in helping her daughter Jen overcome her battle with cancer back in 2014.

Judy’s Instagram bio reads, “I’m otherwise known as Nai Nai from the Little Couple. I’m a proud mom and grandmother” Then, her Twitter bio reads, “Mom to Jen (of TLC’s The Little Couple) & Manager @ Rocky and Maggies!”

Rocky and Maggies is their family pet store named after Judy and her husband’s dogs.

Fans of Judy can also purchase a cameo for a friend or family member. A cameo is a special message from a celebrity that is personalized for the recipient.

We are so glad Jen Arnold’s beautiful mother, Judy, is alive and well.

Jen went back on Instagram and shared another update and this time allowed fans to see her mother. The post is below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jennifer Arnold (@jenarnoldmd)

As of January 2024 Jen Arnold’s Facebook page is still public and still hacked.

Stay tuned for more family updates as Jen Arnold shares them with her fans.

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