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‘The Little Couple’ Jen Arnold & Bill Klein’s Shocking Net Worth



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The Little Couple’s Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold’s long-running TLC program has been a hit with viewers for years. Their total net worth may surprise you, but even though their show is no longer on the air, it’s obvious they are not at all strapped for cash.

Jen Arnold & Bill Klein Don’t Rely on TLC for Cash These Days

Longtime TLC viewers are aware that many of the network’s cast members depend on it for their livelihood. Indeed, returning for additional seasons results in increased financial security. But in the case of Jen and Bill, they are not dependent on a network salary to cover their expenses.

Jen and Bill are financially stable on their own merit, unlike some TLC stars who use their social media followings to advertise goods and provide other services. Jen Arnold has 1.1 million social media followers, which is great, but she doesn’t saturate her audience with sponsored products like other TLC stars do.

The Little Couple jen Arnold

How Much Did Bill & Jen Earn from TLC Show?

Before it was no longer broadcast in 2019, The Little Couple had been on the air for ten years. And while it’s unclear exactly how much money Bill and Jen made from that, estimates place their earnings every episode at anywhere between $25k and $40k, or 10% of the show’s budget.

Jen Arnold - Bill Klein - Zoey and Will

And, when you consider that there were anywhere between 10 to 24 episodes a season, it’s not hard to see how that money stacks up over the years. So, even though things didn’t end on good terms with the network, Jen and Bill certainly made their money before bowing out. Jen & Bill sued TLC which most likely resulted in the show’s cancellation.


Zoey Klein - Jen Arnold

How Much is The Little Couple Family Worth?

Fans of The Little Couple who follow their updates are aware that the family moved to Boston from Florida so that Jen Arnold could pursue her profession in medicine after being hired as part of the simulator program at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Bill Klein is the owner, CEO, and founder of their pet store, Rocky & Maggie’s. Additionally, he also owns and runs Candu Enterprises, their entertainment business.

Bill Klein Jen Arnold


With their combined estimated net worth of $3.5 million, Jen and Bill have more than enough money to live comfortably with their two kids, Will and Zoey. Additionally, viewers recently saw the entire family enjoy a weekend in New York City without having to worry about the cost, as happened on Will’s birthday.

It’s reasonable to assume that Bill and Jen are prepared for life, even if The Little Couple doesn’t make a comeback on television. And as a result, their offspring, too, have a promising future.

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