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Steve Burton’s Return & Demise May Be Sooner Than Fans Think



Steve Burton via YouTube

Steve Burton officially announced his return to General Hospital as Jason Morgan during the Primetime anniversary special. His official return date has not been announced. However, once he is back, his demise may not be as far away as fans would like. What is going on with Steve? Keep reading to find out more.

Will Steve Burton’s return and his character’s demise be sooner than everyone thinks?

Steve Burton announced his return to General Hospital to once again play Jason Morgan. He was let go from the soap in 2021 after not being willing to take the mandated COVID-19 vaccine. He joined Days of Our Lives and that stint ended recently. So, with mandates dropped by ABC, Steve is returning to the long-running soap.

He spoke with an ABC news affiliate recently and said that he said when he left in 2021 that if the mandates were dropped he would love to return as Jason Morgan and finish out his acting career on General Hospital. 

Now that it’s happening, fans might be disappointed to know that Steve is already thinking about Jason’s demise. Why is that?

Steve Burton-YouTube

Steve Burton-YouTube

Steve admits he’s already looking towards retirement. And, Steve retiring for good could be sooner than anyone would have guessed. He said, “I feel like I have another, I don’t know — it’s a feeling right now and I don’t like to go on feelings all the time — another two or three years of acting.”

So, it’s uncertain right now how long Steve Burton will remain on the soap. He said, “I said in my video when I left, ‘If the mandates are dropped, I’d love to return to General Hospital… and finish my career there.’ So, I’m excited. I mean, it’s been a big part of my life. It’s enabled me to do so many things in my life and opened so many other doors for myself and my family. It’s been incredible.”

Right now, not much is known about how Jason Morgan will return from the dead. However, he did say that Jason had been buried in a tomb in Greece.

Everyone is excited to see what’s in store for Jason Morgan

Right now there are not many details about what is in store for Jason Morgan when Steve Burton returns. Will he try to rekindle things with Carly Spencer? Or will Jason try and win back his ex-wife Sam McCall?

It’s anyone’s guess who will light up his love life, but either way, everyone is excited for his much anticipated return.

What do you think about Steve Burton saying he may only work for another two or three years?

Stay tuned for more updates and come back to TV Spoiler News for all things General Hospital.

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