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Steve Burton Reveals What Happened To Jason Morgan



Steve Burton-YouTube

General Hospital fans are excited Steve Burton is returning to the show. He was forced to leave in 2021 when he refused to get the vaccines that were mandated by the network. Now that the mandate has lifted, he’s coming back. The big question has been how Jason Morgan survived that dreadful fate he faced a few years ago. Keep reading to find out what Steve had to say.

What happened to Jason Morgan? Steve Burton reveals what he knows

General Hospital star Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) met a horrible fate in 2021. After being let go by the show, he was supposedly killed when a tunnel collapsed on him as he was trying to save his brother Drew.

Drew lived but Jason was presumed dead. His body was never recovered from the rubble. So, it left the door open for a possible return down the road. And, it’s finally happening.

Steve Burton’s return was announced during the 60th anniversary television special for General Hospital. In a recent interview, Steve praised executive producer Frank Valentini for the way that he announced the shocking news of the fan favorite’s on-screen resurrection.

Steve Burton-General Hospital-Instagram

Steve Burton-General Hospital-Instagram

He went on to say that the producers “did an amazing job with this reveal of, ‘One door closes, another one opens,’ because that’s what I said in my Instagram video when I left. I believe that in my life when one door closes, another door is gonna open.”

Steve also shared how wonderful it’s been to be reunited with the friends he was forced to leave behind.

But, fans are eager to know how Jason managed to escape death once again. How did he manage to survive the tunnel collapse? Steve Burton said, “All I know is I’m buried in a cave in Greece somewhere. That’s all I know.” This answer brings up so many questions.

It sounds like this will be one incredible storyline and bring a lot of surprises to Port Charles.

Will he go after Carly?

Jason Morgan and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) never got to finish their love story. Right after their wedding, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) showed up and announced he was not dead.

Now that Jason is alive and returning to Port Charles, will he go and attempt to steal Carly away from his brother Drew? He did once before with Sam so what would stop him from doing it again?

There will be many surprises and no doubt intense drama when Jason returns from the dead. Will everyone welcome him back with open arms? There’s a lot that can happen when Jason makes his grand return to Port Charles. Are you ready for the shakeup?

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