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Steve Burton Confirms ‘GH’ Start Date



Steve Burton-Instagram

Steve Burton is returning to General Hospital after being let go for not following mandatory vaccine mandates during the pandemic. Now that those have been lifted and he is done with Days of Our Lives, he is returning to his role as Jason Morgan. Since the big announcement during the GH primetime anniversary special, fans have been highly anticipating his return. Now, he’s giving more insight into when fans can expect to see Jason return from the dead. Keep reading to find out everything that is known.

Steve Burton confirms General Hospital start date

General Hospital fans get ready. On the Daily Drama podcast, Steve Burton revealed exactly when he is returning to the set of the daytime soap. Until now fans were uncertain if he was already filming or would be returning to film soon. He finally answered that question.

According to Steve, he is returning to begin filming next week. He has previously noted that it should be roughly four weeks from his filming start date to when his episodes begin airing on television. So, this puts his big shocking return right around the end of February. This is also at the end of February sweeps so it makes perfect sense to make his arrival happen during that timeframe.

Steve Burton-YouTube

Steve Burton-YouTube

So far not much is known about his big debut. However, he did say he was told he was returning from a tomb in Greece. How he got there or who was keeping him there remains a mystery that will no doubt unravel once he starts talking with those from his past.

Of course, everyone presumes that Jason Morgan is dead after the tunnel collapsed on him. His body was never found though which left the perfect opportunity for his comeback. It isn’t the first time Jason Morgan has escaped death.

Who will he visit first?

Right now it’s anybody’s guess who Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) will visit first upon his return to General Hospital. Many believe that a hint given in an upcoming teaser suggests he will visit Elizabeth.

One of the head writers spoke out early in the year saying, “A little while into the new year, Elizabeth will be stunned when a presence from her past ends up on her doorstep needing her assistance.”

It could be perfect because things are finally going right in her life. Her relationship with Finn is in a good place so no doubt Jason returning and asking her to keep him being alive a secret is the perfect chance to shake things up.

Or, will Jason decide to visit Carly or even Sonny first? Right now it’s anybody’s guess but no doubt it will create tons of drama and shock.

What do you think about Jason’s return? Are you excited to see Steve Burton on the soap again?

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