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‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Now Owns Majority Of All Properties



Robyn Brown Sister Wives

Robyn Brown, the fourth wife of Sister Wives star Kody Brown, is building her real estate holdings. Although Robyn is Kody’s fourth wife, she is his only spouse-in-law. Thus, what is Kody’s legally is also hers. Robyn Brown is now in charge, particularly when it comes to the family’s five lots on Coyote Pass, which add up to about 15 acres. Recent real estate transactions involving Brown family members show this.


We are in the eighteenth season of Sister Wives. The decision made by Christine Brown to split from Kody and move away from the family has dominated the season. There are rumors that Christine sold her Coyote Pass plot to her now-ex-husband Kody Brown and his wife Robyn.

Since Robyn now owns the majority of the Brown family property, keep reading to learn how this affects the entire Brown family.

Coyote pass robyn brown

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Wives Divide Up Coyote Pass

In 2018, Kody Brown, the patriarch of Sister Wives, relocated his family from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Flagstaff, Arizona, uprooting his four wives and kids. The family bought about fifteen acres on the Coyote Pass property. For the parcels, the Browns spent slightly more than $800,000. The family hasn’t finished developing the lots and creating their next Brown compound as of yet. To give Kody a single parcel with the “pond” that the whole family could enjoy, they did, however, divide the four parcels into five.

Robyn Brown Listed As Legal Owner of Coyote Pass

Christine Brown, the former third wife of Sister Wives, just sold Kody and Robyn her share of Coyote Pass for a meager $10. Robyn is now listed as the legal owner of two of the five properties after that sale. But since she is Kody’s legal wife, she really has the whole estate. She may, of course, have executed a quit claim deed, giving up her claim to the assets of the two surviving wives. Based on the total acreage of the plots, Robyn still owns 55% of the family complex even in that scenario.

Coyote pass sister wives

SW: The Future Of Coyote Pass is Uncertain

Kody Brown, the patriarch of Sister Wives, hoped to bring his family together on Coyote Pass by giving each woman a separate residence. Regrettably, the families’ division worsened after they moved to Flagstaff. Furthermore, COVID did not promote family harmony. Last summer, Janelle Brown was the only wife to reside on the land; she shared an RV with Kody’s daughter Savanah Brown with their beloved furbabies.

Janelle Brown RV LIfe

Janelle Brown RV Life

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