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‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Breaks Silence About Christine’s Wedding



Kody Brown - Christine Brown

The star of Sister Wives, Kody Brown, has spoken out about his ex-wife Christine Brown’s union with David Woolley. Christine Brown has been publicly humiliated by Kody on national television as the polygamy family fell apart. Kody has ranted that it is all her fault and has so much anger that he said he didn’t even want to look at her. Read on to see what his response was to his third wife getting married.

Kody Brown’s Wife No More

After dating for less than a year, Christine and David were united in marriage on October 7. Following the reality star’s decision to part ways with Kody after 25 years of spiritual marriage, they started dating. In the fall of 2021, the ex-couple separated, and Christine left the polygamous family to begin a new life in Utah. Despite the fact that they had first connected on a dating app in 2022, she formally introduced David to her on Valentine’s Day in 2023. In April, David asked Christine to marry him.

Christine Brown - David Woolley - Archer - Ace

Christine Brown – David Woolley – Archer – Ace

Christine Brown’s Fairytale Wedding

“It’s a fairytale,” Christine previously gushed to People about her wedding to David. “It’s everything I never thought I would have. I get to walk down the aisle to David, him just looking at me in the way that he does. It’s a dream come true.”

While Christine has finally found happiness, Kody is having personal problems. He experienced two more breakups after his romance with Christine came to an end when Meri Brown and Janelle Brown both made the decision to part ways. Robyn Brown, whom Kody has been officially married to since 2014, is the only wife he has left.

Kody Brown Shares His Pain

Unfortunately, this relationship has also suffered as a result of the upheaval. “Robyn and I are experiencing a death—the death of our family and this big family picture,” Kody said in his recent interview. “We have different emotions at different times, and I’ll be really honest, this has been hard on our relationship. Divorce changes you. So, there’s a lot going on with me that Robyn has to use a lot of grace and forgiveness for because I am not myself.” Kody was asked about Christine’s big day. He told Us Weekly, “I honestly haven’t witnessed much of it.” “Her and I barely interact at all.”

Sister Wives-Kody Brown-YouTube

Sister Wives-Kody Brown-YouTube

Kody has difficult connections with several of his four spouses and the 18 children he has with them. Kody and his older children had argued over a variety of things in recent years, but the COVID-19 outbreak was a huge turning point for some of the relationships because of Kody’s stringent standards. Particularly, Kody and his kids, Gabriel and Garrison, whom he and Janelle share, got into a fight over their divergent views on this matter.

Sister Wives, which airs on TLC on Sundays and is in its 18th season, will continue to feature all of Kody’s turmoil. Come back to TV Spoiler News for all of your TLC updates.

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