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‘Sister Wives’ Janelle & Christine Say Marrying Kody Was Destiny



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Sister Wives stars Janelle Brown and Christine Brown reveal that marrying Kody Brown was destiny. Do they have any regrets about the time they shared in the polygamist family? Keep reading to see what both of them had to say.

Sister Wives stars Janelle Brown and Christine Brown reveal marrying Kody was destiny

In a preview for Sunday night’s episode of Sister Wives, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown talk about marrying Kody Brown. Janelle recalled the first time she met Kody. She reminded everyone that she was friends with Meri Brown’s family long before Kody came into the picture.

Janelle recalled Meri telling her she wanted her to meet her new boyfriend. When Kody walked in, Janelle knew. She said it was a feeling that was like having known someone for a long time. She felt destined to marry him.

Christine - Kody - Janelle - Meri - Janelle Brown Instagram

Christine – Kody – Janelle – Meri – Janelle Brown Instagram

Kody would always joke about her becoming a part of their family. He admits that he flirted with her while he was with Meri. However, it was Janelle who approached Kody saying she felt like she was supposed to be a part of his family. He said, “Okay let’s pray about it.”

Janelle also shared she has no regrets about marrying him and would do it all over again.

She noted she didn’t think relationships and love had an expiration date. However, she realizes that she thinks her marriage with Kody does have an expiration date.

Does Christine regret marrying Kody?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown also knew she was supposed to marry Kody. She said there was a strong spiritual guidance leading her to marry Kody. She has no regrets about it. However, she also knew when it was time to leave and also has no regrets about that.

She also shared that Kody was the first boy she kissed and it didn’t even happen until after they were married.

Christine goes on to say that she wasn’t interested in casual hookups after her split from Kody. She also knows that everyone comes with a past and she said hers is very complicated.

In fact, she just got married legally to David Woolley. The two are incredibly happy with their new life. They continue to also have Janelle in their life. They just went on a cruise together as well.

Christine Brown - David Woolley - Archer - Ace

Christine Brown – David Woolley – Archer – Ace

What do you think about Janelle and Christine having no regrets about marrying Kody? Do you agree they were destined to be a sister wife?

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