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Little People Big World

Roloff Brother Update: Where Do Zach & Jeremy Stand Now?



Jeremy Roloff - Zach Roloff

For the past two years, TLC cameras have been following the drama between Zach Roloff, star of Little People Big World, and his father, Matt Roloff. But there has been an even longer-running conflict off-screen between Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff’s twin sons, Zach and Jeremy Roloff, within the Roloff family.

Fans of Little People Big World will remember that in 2018, Jeremey and his wife Audrey Roloff left the family’s popular reality show. Zach is the only sibling who is continuing filming for LPBW at the moment. Fans continue to wonder whether Zach, Jeremy, and their spouses will get together now that they aren’t required to for the show. The incredible quartet is rumored to be at odds and has been for some time.

Find out where the oldest sons of Matt and Amy stand in their relationship now by reading on.

Jeremy Rolodd - Matt Roloff

Little People Big World: Zach and Jeremy Take Sibling Rivalry To The Extreme

Alumni of Little People Big World Growing up, it seems that Jeremy Roloff and his twin brother Zach Roloff got along well both on and off-screen. But as each brother forged their own route, it’s become a little more convoluted over time. Within months of one another, both tied the knot with their long-term partners.

Naturally, it felt like an “I can outdo you” moment ensued between the brothers and their respective spouses, Audrey and Tori. The dates on which the two brothers welcomed their first two children were remarkably similar. When it came to their first child, Zach and Tori beat out Jeremy and Audrey by a few months. Then, before Zach and Tori’s second child was born, Jeremy and Audrey welcomed baby number two.

Jeremy Zach Matt Roloff

The Beginning Of The Ugly Roloff Feud

But when both of these Little People Big World stars tried to purchase a piece of Roloff Farms, their dispute really got out of hand. Jeremy attempted once, failed, and then attempted again with comparable outcomes. Since the consequences of the last two seasons of LPBW were shown on television, viewers of the show are obviously aware of how Zach’s attempt ended. Zach and Jeremy are said to have stopped communicating in August 2021. But that summer, they managed to put their disagreements aside to go to their mother’s wedding to Chris Marek. Furthermore, both attended Papa Roloff’s life celebration this past summer.

Hunny , Jeremy Matt Roloff

LPBW: Awesome Foursome Reunites For Christmas 2022

At their 2022 Christmas celebration, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff were together with Tori and her husband Zach Roloff, the stars of Little People Big World, got back together. This makes it very evident that the long-rumored beef between these four once-close friends is now resolved. Fun pictures from the Christmas celebration were posted on Tori and Audrey’s individual Instagram Stories. There were several photos of the two Roloff ladies together. The two couples were not captured in pictures together. Nevertheless, numerous photos show the two brothers mingling with the visitors.

Audrey Jeremy Zach Tori Rioloff

The Wives Are Talking Again

It all started when Tori shared her gratitude on social media for Aunt Audrey’s birthday gift to Lilah. It appears that the differences between the brothers and their father are finally healing inside the Roloff family. The Roloffs appeared to enjoy the 2022 holidays together as a single, large, joyful family. Both brothers appear to have adapted well to their new residences, and they are both actively renovating them. As for 2023, Zach & Jeremy seem to have buried the hatchet with each other but not with dear old dad. Maybe 2023 will be the year of forgiveness for all.

tori - audrey roloff

Forgiveness for Dad 2023?

 LPBW fans will probably have to wait and see if the twins have forgiven dear old dad. It will most likely be a storyline for the renewed 2023 season.

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