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Reality Steve Confirms Joey Graziadei’s Actual Final Rose Winner



Joey Graziadei via YouTube

Last week Reality Steve was presented with photo evidence that indicated his original spoiler for Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor was wrong. At the time he said he would look into it and now several days later he shared what he found out. Steve confirmed on Tuesday that he misspoke and his original spoiler is not correct. Keep reading to get the scoop and new spoilers.

Reality Steve confirms he was wrong about Joey Graziadei’s winner

On Tuesday morning, Reality Steve owned up to the fact that he previously revealed the wrong spoiler. Way back in November after Joey Graziadei wrapped up filming, Steve shared that Joey was engaged to Daisy Kent. Now, new evidence proves that this is not correct.

A Reddit user figured out that Joey and Kelsey Anderson had been at a known Bachelor safe house. She posted a TikTok from the backyard that this diehard fan was able to compare to other photos of the property.

Joey also posted and those pics matched up to those inside the house. They also matched up. This was enough proof along with new information that Steve gathered to confirm he was wrong.

So, today, Steve revealed that Joey got engaged to Kelsey Anderson in Mexico and they have been engaged since the final rose ceremony.

Joey Graziadei via YouTube 22

The shocking ending

Reality Steve also shared that he finally put the puzzle pieces together and knows what happens that has never happened before. He said that Daisy Kent would realize after her last one-on-one date with Joey Graziadei that she is not the one he is in love with.

Instead of him telling her then or her mentioning it to him, Daisy goes to speak to Kelsey. She tells Kelsey that she knows she isn’t the one for him and basically wishes them both well.

This has never happened before. The final two women remain apart for the final week. They do not speak or see one another.

When Daisy showed up for the rose ceremony, Steve shared that she would break the news to Joey before he could dump her. She will tell him she knows he loves Kelsey.

Steve also confirmed that Daisy will not go off on him as someone in the past has done. Everything will remain positive and end on a good note. She will wish them well and he will have a meltdown as fans have seen in the previews.

After he gets over the shock of Daisy leaving him before he dumps her, he will pull himself together and wait for Kelsey to arrive.

Now everyone wonders if Daisy will be named the new Bachelorette. What do you think?

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