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Nick Viall Speaks Out After Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Allegations



The Bachelorette-Kaitlyn Bristowe-Nick Viall- Instagram

Nick Viall is speaking out after former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe shared some rather interesting information with the world. During a recent interview, Kaitlyn discussed a producer in particular that did some very odd things when it came to Nick. Now, Nick is responding to everything Kaitlyn said, including her comments about not congratulating him on his engagement to Natalie Joy.

Nick Viall speaks out after Kaitlyn Bristowe’s strange comments

To recap, Kaitlyn Bristowe alleged that at times it was as if she was brainwashed. These comments came as she was talking about her time with Nick Viall on The Bachelorette. Kaitlyn said on a recent podcast, “They really sexualized Nick to me. … One producer actually said to me, after I would kiss him, she’d come in and, like, wipe my lips and, like, lick her lips and be like, ‘Oh, I just want to know what that tastes like — to, like, make out with Nick.’” She continued saying, “They really, like, put them on a pedestal to me. … That was part of their tactic. … I was brainwashed.”

Now, a cohost on The Viall Files told Nick all about Kaitlyn’s comments. He said, “Was she suggesting because someone asked her, I guess, what my breath smells like or how I tasted, that from that moment forward, she was incapable of decision-making?” Nick also expressed that while Kaitlyn was probably telling the truth but he didn’t think what she experienced was really brainwashing.

Nick even said he thinks he knows which producer Kaitlyn was talking about. However, he isn’t sure that it was as sexual as she made it out to be.

The Bachelorette- Kaitlyn Bristowe-YouTube

The Bachelorette- Kaitlyn Bristowe-YouTube

Would Nick invite Kaitlyn to his wedding?

During her podcast interview, Kaitlyn also said that she wanted to reach out to Nick to congratulate him on getting engaged. However, she didn’t. She wasn’t sure how he would have reacted to that. Kaitlyn did say if invited to this wedding to Natalie she would go.

Nick had a comment about this too. He has no intention of inviting her to his wedding and wouldn’t want to be invited to hers either.

He continued saying that if anyone on her season was brainwashed it was him. Nick said, “I think the whole thing is kind of dumb. … I don’t, like, defend the show. [But] it’s cherry picking that some of my peers seem to do when it’s beneficial to them to criticize certain things, when I tell you who felt really manipulated and brainwashed on Kaitlyn’s season — this guy. And it wasn’t just from producers.”

The Bachelor-Nick Viall-YouTube

The Bachelor-Nick Viall-YouTube

He shared he’s glad things worked out the way they did. He has even thanked everyone involved including Kaitlyn whether or not he thinks they actually deserved a thank you. Nick took a lot from that experience and will remain grateful for it all.

So far Kaitlyn has not responded to Nick’s comments.

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