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Matt Roloff Shocks Fans With Inside Tour Of New Mansion



Matt Roloff-Caryn Chandler-Instagram

Little People Big World star Matt Roloff shocked fans when he decided to share an inside tour of the new mansion. Matt has been planning on building this dream home for five years and now almost a year after breaking ground it is almost complete. He went to social media to give fans the highly anticipated first peak at the beautiful home he’s built for himself and Caryn Chandler. Keep reading to find out more and see the photos and video.

LPBW star Matt Roloff shocked fans with a look inside their new mansion

On Tuesday night another new episode of Little People Big World will air on TLC. Ahead of the show, Matt Roloff went to Instagram to give fans a look at the inside of the new home he built for himself and Caryn Chandler. He captioned the photos and video he shared saying, “House is almost finished. Still getting everything dialed in …. watch the beginning on TLC”

He also threw in that everyone should watch the new episode of LPBW tonight.

Matt and Caryn broke ground on their new home in March of 2023. Originally they said the construction of the approximately 2700-square-foot home would take nine months. It was supposed to be move-in ready in December. It took a little longer to build than that but it’s finally almost complete. Matt has said the new home is almost as big as the family home.

Matt Roloff-New Mansion-Instagram 1

Matt Roloff-New Mansion-Instagram

Matt’s son Jacob Roloff has played a big part in making their dream home a reality as well. He previously shared that Jacob was cutting logs for the home and even showed a photo of him doing it. Jacob is a hard worker and helps out around the Roloff farm doing other things as well.

Matt Roloff-New Mansion-Instagram

Matt Roloff-New Mansion-Instagram

Matt shared that some of the wood for the project would be purchased but some would be “cut on our LT40 mill we have at the farm.” Their house is stunning and Matt wouldn’t have it any other way. The modern mansion as they call it is still on the $4 million Roloff Farms. It is situated on the other side of the one-story house which sits between the family home featured on LPBW and the construction of Matt’s new dream house.

Starting the home finally allowed Matt to propose

Matt previously made it known that he didn’t want to get engaged or married to Caryn until the house became more of a reality. Once the construction of their dream home had started it was finally time to get their relationship out of limbo.

Matt Roloff finally proposed to Caryn Chandler on April 19, 2023. For Matt, it didn’t make sense for him to propose or for them to get married when they had nowhere to live. Neither wanted to live in the other’s home so that would not work.

Since they are almost ready to move into their new home together, it seems likely that their wedding is not far off. Hopefully, TLC is planning a wedding special for Matt and Caryn just like they did for Amy and Chris.

What do you think of Matt and Caryn’s new home? Do you think they will be getting married soon?

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