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‘MAFS’ Clint Webb Slammed For Body Shaming Women



MAFS-Clint Webb-YouTube

There definitely needs to be an apology on MAFS after remarks Clint Webb made while on his honeymoon in Jamaica. His words not only offended his wife but also everyone around him. Now, he is backtracking and trying to explain himself. However, will he actually apologize?

MAFS Clint Webb slammed by the wives after rude comments

US Weekly shared an exclusive clip that shows the backlash from last week. He’s trying to explain himself and what he really meant. Clint said, “I think in the short period of time that we’ve all been here, I wanted to exude and exonerate, like, I’m front street. I try to be as real as possible.”

Clint and Gina Micheletti acknowledged last week that they weren’t immediately drawn to one another when they first saw one another at the altar.  While on their honeymoon when they were alone, Gina admitted that she didn’t frequently date redheads and even explicitly informed the matchmakers of this fact. Clint later declared that Gina’s body didn’t fit his regular likes while they were in the company of the full MAFS season 16 ensemble.

“The physical component, typically, the girls that I’ve dated are very athletic, slender. That’s just the mold that I’m attracted to,” he said to Gina

It wasn’t just the bride who was offended. Later in the night, Clint takes the spotlight at dinner while talking to the group, acknowledging that he knows he offended many of them with his words. He said, “Sometimes I say ridiculous, crazy comments and they’re right off the cuff.”

MAFS-Clint Webb-Gina-YouTube

MAFS-Clint Webb-Gina-YouTube

The other wives chimed in

Kirsten Grimes laughed and said to Clint, “You came out swinging, strong and wrong!” Airris even commented on how wrong it was for Clint to say what he did.

“Strong and wrong! But let’s focus on the wrong part,” he says. “So I said some comments that were like off the cuff and in the moment, and it wasn’t to disparage anyone. And so, I talked about, like, ‘slender’ and ‘athletic,’ and I don’t think it hit the right way.”

Domynique Kloss and Nicole Lilienthal joined in to say that they too were insulted by Clint’s choice of words. Clint noted that he used the wrong words to try and explain what he wanted to say. He simply wanted everyone to know the type he used to date in the past.

Nicole was not happy and going to speak her mind. During a confessional, she told the cameras that she thinks he is disgusting. She said,“I think it’s disgusting what Clint said. Not only did he say it, he didn’t even think to apologize after. He’s a lot and for me to say that, that should speak volumes in itself.”

Don’t miss the rest of what goes down when an all-new episode airs.

Married at First Sight airs on Lifetime on Wednesday, February 15, at 8 p.m. ET. Tune in so you can see how everyone else responds to Clint’s insulting speech.

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