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‘LPBW’ Tori Roloff Gives Huge Update On Family Feud



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LPBW star Tori Roloff gives fans a huge update on the family feud. The news comes after Zach and Tori confirmed they were not returning to the popular TLC show after Season 25. What did the couple share? Keep reading to get the latest scoop.

Tori Roloff Gives Update On Family Feud

Zach and Tori Roloff recently launched their new podcastRaising Heights. On their podcast, they confirmed the rumors that they are not returning to Little People Big World. They gave many reasons why this was the best decision for them and their little family.

While talking about leaving the show, they also mentioned that one of the reasons they were calling it quits is because of the family dynamics. Tori said it was time to cut the cord so to speak. She went on to say that there are six different units within the family that have all branched off and are living their own life. They all share the same name but have very different lives.

Tori went on to say that there were a lot of instances where accountability was not taken. Zach shared that he thought it was becoming obvious to everyone who watched.

Zach - Josiah - Jackson - Lilah

Tori also said there is a lot of speculation on the internet such as they all hate each other which is not true. She revealed that while there are a lot of assumptions that are not true, there are also some that are facts.

As far as the family, since Tori and Zach left the show six months ago, the relationships that were broken are beginning to come back. Tori said they would never be the same or be what they once were. Overall she noted it was time to move on because she didn’t want to hate his family.

Tori Roloff - Zach Roloff

Would Zach Do It All Again?

While talking about the negative reasons Zach and Tori Roloff are leaving Little People Big World, they also shared some positives they are taking from it.

He said they had their bad moments together but there were also fun times. Tori asked him if he could go back in time would he do it all again? Zach revealed he would not change it.

They also talked about how it was great to see their entire relationship progress over the years on the show.

Zach said while they made the decision to leave LPBW it does not mean they will never do television again. If they decide to be on another show it will just not be associated with Little People Big World. 

What do you think about Tori revealing that family relationships are beginning to heal?

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