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‘LPBW’ Tori Roloff Breaks Silence About Divorce Rumors



Tori Roloff - Zach Roloff LPBW

The star of LPBW, Tori Roloff, has had to cope with an apparently never-ending rumor about her marriage to Zach Roloff. Tori Roloff said during the previous season of Little People Big World that she and Zach were experiencing problems in their marriage. When fans found out that Tori and Zach’s marriage wasn’t doing well, they were shocked. That episode, though, was shot months in advance of its broadcast.


Recently, Tori Roloff posted a “Get Ready With Me” video to Instagram, going “live”. In addition to taping her beauty technique, Tori was monitoring real-time comments from fans who were following along. Among those inquiries concerned her purported breakup with Zach Roloff.

See what Tori had to say about her and Zach’s relationship today by reading on.

Little People Big World Tori Roloff


Little People Big World: Tori Felt Underappreciated By Zach

During a pivotal episode of the previous season of Little People Big World, Tori revealed to viewers and supporters that she believed Zach was underappreciating all that she did for him and their three children. Tori actually told Zach that this was a major problem in their marriage. Tori’s comments regrettably caught Zach off guard. But that was shot months in advance of its broadcast. In addition, Tori was getting close to becoming severely sleep-deprived due to Josiah’s insomnia. Her lack of sleep undoubtedly contributed to her feelings at the moment.

Zach Roloff Tori Roloff

Fans of LPBW are aware that Tori’s primary role is that of a stay-at-home mother to Jackson, age five, and her three children, Zach and her. Josiah, eight months, and Lilah, three. Josiah Roloff, their third child, proved to be a far more difficult adjustment than Tori had anticipated. The strain of raising three energetic and young children, keeping up with household chores, and living far from family for support had taken a toll on Tori and Zach’s marriage at the time. But after a number of months, Tori and Zach are back on track and loving their time together and with their three kids.

Zach Roloff

LPBW: Tori Sets The Record Straight About Her Marriage

During an Instagram live, Tori Roloff did not back down from a fan who inquired as to whether she and Zach were no longer together. Tori corrected the record right away. In reply, she said,

“No, I love my husband.” Don’t believe everything you read in the media. It’s ridiculous.”

Tori adds,

“That’s been a huge thing lately. It’s just annoying.”

Tori Roloff

The last word on Tori’s marriage to Zach is therefore straight from her lips to the ears of her supporters, admirers, and “haters.” Furthermore, since this was a video and not simply a statement, it is evident how Tori physically responded to the flood of reports suggesting that she and Zach are no longer together. As a loving family of five, Tori and Zach are doing well and taking pleasure in raising their three kids.

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