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‘LPBW’ Season 25 Spoilers: Drama Erupts In Roloff Family



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Little People, Big World is returning to TLC for Season 25 this month. A new teaser trailer has been released and shows tons of drama about to erupt in the Roloff family. What can fans expect to see when they return? Keep reading to find out more.

Little People, Big World spoilers indicate drama brewing in the Roloff family

A brand new teaser trailer has been released for Little People, Big World and it seems fans will see some drama erupt in the Roloff family. People shared the first look at what’s to come.

The first look reveals Zach and Tori Roloff with their children playing. Tori is even terrified as she thinks a piece of foliage is a snake. Fans see Zach who says that having three kids is very hectic.

He said, “It’s very go, go go. There’s lots of energy. It’s just not very peaceful.”

Tensions get high when Amy Roloff feels stressed when she attempts to plan a fundraiser alongside her husband Chris Marek. What makes it even harder is her ex-husband Matt Roloff and his fiancée Caryn Chandler are also helping. Someone mentions that Matt will want to be in charge and Amy says there is no way and she is running the show.

Amy even goes so far as to say sternly that they will do things her way. Things will eventually get heated when Amy refuses to compromise at all on what she want to do.

Matt says in a confessional that Amy can go from micromanaging to being a dictator quicker than he can. He also accused her of not being very apologetic.

Matt Roloff-YouTube

Matt’s engagement to Caryn

Fans will also get to see everyone’s reaction to Matt Roloff getting engaged to Caryn Chandler. He’s worried about how Amy will act and if it will be awkward. However, she asks to see the ring and fans will have to wait to find out what she says next.

The real trouble doesn’t seem to be from Amy though. Zach Roloff flat-out says he doesn’t want to talk about it when his dad’s engagement is brought up.  He says, “The family wasn’t put first on multiple occasions [so] that ship all sailed.”

In his own confessional Matt says, “My job as a grandpa is to love my grandkids and that’s the sad part, you never get all that time back.”

Amy Roloff-Chris Marek-YouTube

Zach is in trouble

Season 25 will also detail Zach Roloff’s surgery which took place in early 2023. Tori notes that she has never seen Zach in so much pain. She also said, “We’ve been sitting on a knife’s edge, and we just didn’t know it.”Amy also comments saying, “Any time a surgeon needs to cut you open, I never consider that minor.”

Zach Roloff-YouTube

This season is looking good so far. Are you ready for it to return to TLC?

Season 25 of Little People, Big World premieres Tuesday, February 20 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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