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‘LPBW’ Matt Roloff Leaks Season 25 Plotlines: Will Zach Be Back?



Matt Roloff - Zach Roloff

Little People Big World star Matt Roloff has revealed big news to a select group of guests who came to pumpkin season at Roloff Farms. Roloff revealed a lot of information about the upcoming season 25.

Matt, 62, disclosed the conclusion date of the season as well as some of the information that will be disclosed regarding the family, an eyewitness exclusively told The U.S. Sun.

LPBW Matt Roloff - Jacob Roloff - Isabel Roloff


Little People Big World  Matt Roloff shared big news for the new season

According to the source, Matt invited his pumpkin patch visitors to attend a reading of his 2018 book Little Lucy Big Race, which was named after the family farm dog Lucy. This reading is normal at the Roloff Farm during pumpkin season.

Following the reading, Matt invited fans to ask any questions they might have about the book or the Roloffs’ experience on LPBW. A devoted viewer inquired about Season 25’s plans.

“We finished filming for Season 25 back in August,” Matt said, acknowledging that the Roloff family is occasionally the last to find out the release date.


Matt Roloff Cameras

Matt Roloff shares details for LPBW season 25

The TLC personality teased that occasionally he finds out about the show’s premiere date from a news item before getting in contact with the production business. Matt stated that his sons, Jeremy, 33, and Jacob, 26, will not be included on the show because they left the spotlight years ago.

But Zach, his 33-year-old son, has been having health issues after undergoing emergency brain surgery in February.

Zach Roloff Brain Surgery

Little People Big World: Will Zach and Tori Roloff be on Season 25?

Last month, we revealed Caryn Chandler’s son Connor said Zach and Tori would not be coming back, but he was not specific as to what season. It looks like Zach and Tori will be tying up loose ends for season 25.

According to Matt, Season 25 will follow Zach’s continued recuperation as well as additional “health issues that come with dwarfism.” So it sounds like Zach’s surgery and recovery could very well be part of the new season. Though it is most likely Zach & Tori’s last season on the show.

Zach - Josiah - Jackson - Lilah

Matt Roloff answers burning questions about building on the property

The father of the Roloff family also responded to a number of inquiries concerning the building on the farm.

Matt stated, “I’ve been living in the one-story home, and when I move into the new house, Izzy and Jacob are going to move in where I was.” Meanwhile, on a private plot of land next to Roloff Farms that is undergoing significant construction, 27-year-old Jacob and Isabel have been residing in a fifth-wheel camper.

Amy Roloff - Jacob and Isabel Roloff

Situated on the $4 million Roloff Farms, the one-story house is sandwiched between Matt’s new dream home development and the family home that has been featured on TLC. Matt has been working tirelessly to get his fiance Caryn Chandler’s dream house built. It is going up fast, just in time for Season 25 to air. There are talks about a wedding special for him and his fiance, like what TLC did for Amy and Chris’ blockbuster wedding. Caryn has quit the show but will be back for the TLC wedding special.

According to Matt, the new house would be “fair size.” It was also revealed that Matt had stated it would be half the size of the “Big House” he and his ex-wife Amy Roloff had occupied. Thus, we might infer that the new house will have about 3,000 square feet. Matt added that neither indoor nor outdoor pool plans are available.

Matt Roloff dream home

There is no specific date for the LPBW debut of Season 25.  Catch up on Season 24 and all past seasons of Little People Big World streaming on Max.

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