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Little People Big World

‘LPBW’ Finale Brings Sadness As Zach & Tori Roloff Say Goodbye




The LPBW season finale is already happening on Tuesday night. Fans of the hit TLC show have seen ups and downs this season and now, it’s time to say goodbye for now. The biggest part of the finale is going to be Zach and Tori Roloff making the difficult decision to leave the show. What will happen? Keep reading to get more information on the Little People, Big World finale.

LPBW Season Finale Will Say Farewell To One Roloff Family

Fans had speculated for quite some time that Zach and Tori Roloff wanted to leave the show. There have been plenty of hurt feelings and feelings of anger regarding the farm that Zach grew up on.

He wanted his father, Matt Roloff, to sell him the farm. Matt refused. This caused a lot of tension among family members and Zach and Tori do not seem to be over it.

On top of the farm sale not happening, Zach is less than pleased his father is marrying Caryn Chandler. When he was asked in an earlier episode how he felt about their engagement he said he didn’t want to talk about it.

Matt Roloff - Zach Roloff

In the preview for tomorrow night’s big season finale, Zach is seen saying “The farm was part of my life, and it’s not going to be part of our kids’ lives the same way it was mine.”

Matt loves his family and voiced that he hopes Zach and Tori will bring the grandkids to see him. Amy noted that families go through rough times and it’s just something they will have to work on.

Zach Roloff- Jackson - Josiah- Lilah Tori

Zach And His Dad

Zach also shared that he has no resentment or anger toward Matt. He said, “No one’s holding grudges, no one’s intentionally not going to the farm. There’s just no interest. The kids don’t ask, nothing we’re hiding from them, it’s just they don’t ask and they have their own space up here.”

He also spoke of his relationship with Matt. Zach said, “When it comes to my dad, that ship has all sailed. There’s not much of a relationship, just doing our own thing. Time might even it out, but everything will be healed, it just, it will be different.”

At the end of the preview, Amy, Chris, Caryn and Matt are all seen sitting on haybales and having a toast. Matt can be heard saying, “Who knows what the future holds.”

A Lot Happened This Season

Along with the feud continuing on Little People, Big World, between Matt and Zach, there have been other things happening. Amy was working with her husband Chris, along with Matt and Caryn to pull off her big annual fundraiser.

There were some moments when it seemed things would fall apart, however, it all worked out. Matt and Amy butted heads often during this process but in the end, they all worked together to make things happen.

So far there is no word if LPBW will be back for another season. Fans love seeing Zach and Tori’s children and without them, what will happen? Many speculate that perhaps Jeremy Roloff and his family may be returning to the show.

What do you think will happen?

Stay tuned for more updates and don’t miss the LPBW season finale on Tuesday night.

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