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‘LPBW’ Caryn Chandler’s Son, Says Tori & Zach Roloff Are Done



Zach Roloff - Little People bIg World

Little People Big World‘s Caryn Chandler’s son has confirmed that filming will resume for a new season, although Tori and Zach Roloff won’t likely return.

Connor, 24, discussed his mother’s TLC show with her fiancé Matt Roloff, and his family, which has included a lot of conflict in recent months over the renowned Roloff Farms.

Little People Big World:  Matt & Zach Roloff Still At Odds

Matt’s relationship with his son Zach and daughter-in-law Tori is strained as a result of his refusal to sell them a sizable chunk of the family farm in Hillsboro, Oregon.

The couple relocated to Washington with their kids, and according to Connor, they no longer frequently visit the 106-acre farm, where the yearly pumpkin season is held.

Matt Roloff - Zach Roloff LPBW

Connor exclusively revealed to The U.S. Sun that they might travel twice a year based on what he knew. They definitely moved away, and now that things have changed, they seem to be doing things on their own.

“I did hear through the grapevine that they do not want to be on another season if the show were to continue and they just want to do their own thing. “I do believe no matter whether there’s a continuance or not, Zach and Tori probably will not be seen on the next season.”

Caryn Chandler LPBW

As TLC gears up to launch a new season of Little People Big World, Connor claimed his mother informed him recently that she had been filming. However, this season may be the final one.

Caryn became involved in the turmoil that has been going on for the past few years after deciding to stand by Matt, 61. Matt informed his son Zach he didn’t want to sell him the land.

It has been very stressful as Caryn receives negative comments blaming her from LPBW fans. How do you feel about this being Zach and Tori Roloff’s final season?

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