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Little People Big World

‘LPBW’ Amy & Matt Roloff Gearing Up For Season 25



Amy Roloff - Matt Roloff LPBW

Fans of Little People Big World were thrilled to learn that filming for a new season has begun from numerous Roloff family members. When the final episode of Season 24 of LPBW aired in January, viewers were left in suspense and many of them were unclear if the show would return for another season. They naturally wanted to know when it will return to its usual Tuesday 9 p.m. time slot on TLC. It has since been directly confirmed by Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff.

LPBW Matt Roloff - Amy Roloff

The Little People Big World reboot has not yet been formally announced by TlC’s Powers That Be. Because TLC typically doesn’t reveal a renewal with a date and time until a few weeks beforehand, this is customary. The only thing that LPBW fans really need to know is that a few family members have “leaked” the fact that they are filming. And unfortunately, some family members are allegedly done with the show.

Please continue reading to learn when Little People Big World will begin its illustrious 25th season.

LPBW fans disappointed in Season 24 property drama

Little People Big World‘s future was unclear as Season 24 came to an end. Many LPBW fans have grown weary of the arguments between Matt Roloff, his wife Tori Roloff, their son Zach Roloff, and his fiance Caryn Chandler. The crowd found the ongoing “storyline” to be tedious. Additionally, the family members weren’t given any new contracts. Therefore, the announcement that a new season of LPBW was in the works by the family patriarch and matriarch on social media within hours of one another was well appreciated.

Matt Roloff Cameras

Production cameras set up and rolling

Matt Roloff, the patriarch of Little People Big World, posted a picture of a set with cameras and other production equipment on Instagram, see above. Matt didn’t respond in the comments when fans asked if he was filming. But because of the post, they knew he was.

Amy Roloff also taping

Amy Roloff surely gave it a few times if LPBW fans were looking for a more precise confirmation of a new season. A few hours after Matt’s tweet was posted, Amy said that she would be filming her monthly update with her best friend Lisa. Amy also posted yet another Instagram picture featuring additional TLC camera action. showcasing Daisy Mae, a rescue pet, while cameras are rolling in the background. “And this is where Daisy Mae lays while Chris and I conduct an interview,” the caption reads.

Amy Roloff Dog Daisy Mae

LPBW: When Will Season 25 Debut?

Little People Big World‘s Season 25 is all but an inevitability. Fans of LPBW probably want to know when new episodes will air. The air dates and renewals for six of TLC’s returning programs were made public. Little People Big World was not included in that list. TLC is known for giving its viewers only a short amount of warning. However, based on the show’s renewal and the timeslots they air in, it’s very easy to predict when Season 25 should begin.

Jackson Roloff - Lilahh Roloff

When will LPBW be back?

Given that their most recent season 24 had 10 episodes, Little People Big World fans can look forward to the historic 25th season’s release later in 2024. Of course, this date is merely an estimate. Therefore, it seems that Little People Big World will currently only have a Winter season. Caryn Chandler’s son talked to The Sun about Tori and Zach Roloff not coming back after Season 25.

Tori Roloffg - Zach Roloff - Jackson Roloff - Lilah Roloff

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