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Liz Johnston’s Baby, Leighton, 3 Months, Doing Big Things



Liz Johnston-Leighton Drew-3months-Instagram

Liz Johnston’s baby Leighton Drew hit another milestone. She turned three months old this week and she is doing big things. The 7 Little Johnstons family often shares sweet updates about the baby. As she turned three months this week, they shared more photos and also a big accomplishment for this sweet baby girl. Keep reading to find out more.

Liz Johnston’s baby Leighton Drew is doing big things

One of the first to always celebrate Leighton Drew’s big milestones is her sweet aunt Emma Johnston. Every month she shares photos and how much she loves her niece. This month along with voicing those things she also shared big things that Leighton is doing.

She went to Instagram to share a new post in honor of Leighton turning three months old. Emma shared that Leighton is almost able to lift her head all on her own. The photo she shared shows the baby lifting her head and looking at the camera. She said, “oh sweet leighton, three months old and almost able to lift her head” Emma concluded by saying, “your aunt em loves you sooo much”

Emma Johnston-Baby Leighton- 3months

Emma Johnston-Baby Leighton- 3 months-Instagram

Emma wasn’t the only one to share an update about Leighton turning three months old. Trent and Amber Johnston also shared an adorable photo of Leighton. She continues to change with each photo they share. She is sporting a big white bow and a precious outfit complete with her name embroidered on it.

Leighton Drew 3 months

Leighton Drew 3 months

Liz also shared an update about how things are going

Liz Johnston shared just a week ago that maternity leave was over and she was heading back to work. She is a nurse and returned to the profession just shy of Leighton Drew turning three months old.

She shared Saturday morning that as Leighton turned 12 weeks and 1 day old she survived her first full week of work. So far it has not been shared who has been keeping the baby while Liz works.

When Liz announced she was heading back to her job, Brice Bolden showed his support and noted what a great mom she is. He also confirmed their relationship is still great by saying he can’t wait to see what the future holds for their little family.

Leighton Drew 12 weeks and 1 day-Instagram

Leighton Drew 12 weeks and 1 day-Instagram

Fans had been speculating that perhaps they were having issues. The Johnston family has been posting things from time to time to shut down those rumors.

What do you think about Leighton being able to lift her head now? Do you think she’s changed a bunch over the past few months?

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