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Liz Johnston Shares Rare Baby Picture



Liz Johnston-YouTube

7 Little Johnstons star Liz Johnston and her family have shared a lot this week. Liz celebrated her 22nd birthday and sweet baby Leighton Drew turned five weeks old yesterday. A very rare photo was shared among the mix of other recent ones. Keep reading to find out more, see the photo, and find out why it’s so special.

The Johnstons share rare photo on social media

On Liz Johnston’s birthday, Amber Johnston shared a post on their official Instagram that celebrated their daughter. The first photo shows a very tired Liz holding Leighton and just kind of staring off into space. The second photo has everyone talking. It’s a picture of Liz as a baby and is precious.

Everyone is talking about the photo because when put side by side as seen below, Leighton Drew looks a lot like her mama. The first picture below is the one showing Liz as a baby. The second is Leighton Drew at five weeks old.

It appears that Liz definitely has a mini-me.

Looking at the photo below do you think Liz and Leighton look similar?

Fans have already debated and most agree that Leighton will be an average size girl. She has none of the characteristics that resemble dwarfism. Of course, fans know that Brice Bolden is an average size person and he is very tall. It will be neat to follow Leighton growing up and see if she will be tall like her daddy.

Liz Johnston-Leighton Drew-Baby Photos-Instagram

Liz Johnston-Leighton Drew-Baby Photos-Instagram

She shared that she’s having postpartum struggles

Having a baby can take an emotional and hormonal toll on a new mom. Liz Johnston went to Instagram a few days ago to share that she is struggling a bit after having Leighton.

The post said that “a mother will always remember who showed up for her when she was lost in the trenches of postpartum.” The post went on to say the baby won’t remember who held them but the mother will always remember who held her.

Luckily, Liz has a strong support system. Her mom, dad, and siblings are all there for her. They all love Liz and are already very smitten with baby Leighton.

No doubt, every family member is lending a helping hand to Liz and Brice as they navigate being new parents. Hopefully, she will overcome her struggles soon.

Liz Johnston and Leighton Drew-Instagram

Liz Johnston and Leighton Drew-Instagram

In the meantime, the family continues to praise what a good mommy she is and all of them share adorable photos of the baby and the family.

What do you think about Liz and Leighton’s baby pictures? Do they look alike?

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