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Liz Johnston Shares Baby Update, See How Much She’s Changed



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7  Little Johnstons star Liz Johnston is sharing new updates on her precious daughter Leighton Drew. The baby has already changed in just the short two weeks she’s been here. The Johnston family also shared one of Leighton’s big milestones. Keep reading to find out more and see photos and videos captured by the family.

Liz Johnston shares two week update with fans

7 Little Johnstons are having a blast loving on their newest family member, Leighton Drew. Brice Bolden and Liz Johnston along with her family continue to share updates and milestones with fans.

Leighton Drew had a big week. During her second week at home, she had her first bath which was documented and shared on social media. Liz has been being an incredible mother to her new daughter. Amber even shared a photo of Liz holding Leighton and both had dozed off in the chair.

Amber also shared another photo of herself holding her granddaughter with the big caption of “Lolli” written on it. She noted how grandbaby’s are the best gift.

She shared another photo of Liz and Leighton saying it was her baby loving on her own baby. Everyone is smitten with the new addition.

Liz also shared photos of Leighton sleeping safely near their dog. She noted that their dog is a good guard for sweet baby Leighton.

When Leighton turned two weeks they shared another photo of her. It’s incredible how much she’s changing so quickly. Fans can already notice a difference in how Leighton looks from her first newborn photos until now at two weeks old.

Fans have been talking about Leighton’s appearance

Sweet baby Leighton Drew is already changing as she continues to grow. She already looks very different from her newborn photos. Along with how different she looks, fans have wondered about whether or not she has dwarfism or is average sized.

Most agree that Leighton has none of the typical characteristics of a baby who has dwarfism like her mother and grandparents. So for now, it seems she will be average sized.

Leighton appears to be thriving and getting so much love from her family.

She was born on November 3. Liz and Brice shared her adorable photo and captioned it, “11/03/2023 Leighton Drew Bolden 5lbs 10oz 19 inches long of pure sweetness🥰 we couldn’t be more in love with you!!!”

Fans didn’t have much time to prepare for her arrival as the happy couple only announced her pregnancy at the end of September. Everyone is enjoying all the posts made by the Johnston family updating them on baby Leighton.

What do you think of Leighton? Do you think she is changing quickly too?

Stay tuned for more updates and come back to TV Spoiler News for all things TLC.

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