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Liz Johnson Shares Leighton’s Special Journey, See Pics



Brice Bolden-Liz Johnston-Instagram

7 Little Johnstons star Liz Johnston went to Instagram to share another update on her sweet daughter Leighton Drew. She is the first in the family to have a baby and they all gush over their new addition. Keep reading to find out more and see pics of Leighton’s special journey.

Liz Johnston shares Leighton’s special journey

Liz Johnston went to Instagram to share a very special photo collage of Leighton Drew Bolden. Brice and Liz’s baby girl is already growing too quickly. Fans love seeing updates on the adorable baby.

Now, the latest update is very special. Liz titled the collage “To the mom’s” She then shared 4 very special photos of Leighton’s journey so far. The first photo is of Liz and Brice and her baby bump which she proudly titled “The bump.” Next, she shared an ultrasound photo of Leighton while Liz was pregnant. She simply labeled it the ultrasound.

Liz then shared a photo of Leighton as a newborn baby. Finally, she shared a photo of Leighton now. She is having tummy time on and lifting her head up very well. Liz captioned the last photo, “Your baby now”

Liz Johnston-Leighton's Journey-Instagram

Everyone helps out with Leighton

The entire 7 Little Johnstons family helps out taking care of Leighton. Liz recently went back to work as a nurse following her maternity leave. So, Leighton spends Thursdays with Trent. He calls them Thursdays with Boppa. When he has her he shares selfies they take together.

Emma Johnston seems to spend a lot of time with Leighton as well. Fans can tell she is very excited to be Aunt Em. She gushes about her niece on social media and talks about how much she loves her.

Amber of course also loves being a grandmother or Lolli as she goes by.

Brice is also a great daddy to his little girl. He shares photos and videos of her along with everyone else in the family. Just recently, Liz shared a video of Brice talking to Leighton after getting a haircut and shave. She was talking nonstop to her dad and he was working on figuring out what she was trying to say to him.

The video was adorable. The family is soaking up all the time with Leighton while she is still small.

Fans also questioned whether or not she has dwarfism like her mother or if she is an average-sized baby like her dad. Leighton definitely appears to be average-sized.

What do you think about the adorable collage Liz shared of her daughter?

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