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‘Little People Big World’ Amy & Chris Plan Big Move Soon, Where?



Amy Roloff - Chris Marek

Amy Roloff, star of Little People Big World, and her husband, Chris Marek, intend to leave their current residence. fans may find this news shocking. However, following a recent Q&A session Tori Roloff, Amy’s daughter-in-law, had, rumors are once again escalating that Amy and Chris may soon make a significant shift. Recently, Amy announced on her Instagram that the couple is actively hunting for a new home.

Tori Roloff, celeb of Little People Big World, was asked if she and Zach would move closer to Amy. Tori firmly declined and acknowledged that she and Zach were actively attempting to persuade Amy to approach them.

Find out why Tori’s response to a fan query is very much in line with Amy and Chris’s long-term plan by reading on.

Tori Roloff - Amy Roloff

Little People Big World: Chris & Amy Moving To Washington In 2023?

Amy Roloff, the matriarch of Little People Big World, found it challenging to settle down in a suburban neighborhood. She has acclimated well, though. Chris and Amy had been residing there for a while. It appears that the couple should now look for a location that they can choose as husband and wife. Amy felt it was important to purchase this home on her own when she and Matt Roloff were divorced. Daisy May is the name of a rescue dog that Amy and Chris recently acquired. Consequently, a move to a larger home appears to be the not-so-newlyweds’ primary future goal.

Chris Marek Amy Roloff

Amy Roloff paid just under $600,000 for her current home back in May 2018. Chris was her boyfriend and a realtor at the time. Chris didn’t move into that residence till after a while. A few weeks before their August 2021 wedding, he finally moved in. Amy is freely stating that she and Chris are ready for a change as they are approaching their fifth year of being sole homeowners and their second year of marriage. Additionally, it has been made known that her son Zach Roloff and his wife Tori support Amy relocating near them and their children.

Jackson - Lilah and Josiha Roloff

LPBW: Lilah Roloff Will Benefit Most From Mimi Moving Closer

Amy Roloff, the matriarch of Little People¬†Big World, is the only relative who can help Lilah successfully navigate life. Amy Roloff is not only her Mimi but also a diminutive being. Amy and Lilah both have the same kind of dwarfism. She has also gained knowledge about how to live comfortably in a world designed for people of ordinary stature. Fans of LPBW are aware of Amy’s childhood feelings of loneliness as the only child in her family, community, and neighborhood. Amy frequently talks about how bullied she was as a child. She is now ready to assist her granddaughter in avoiding or dealing with these situations more effectively.

amy roloff - lilah roloff

Of all Tori’s children, Lilah Roloff would benefit the most from Amy living nearby. Amy was certain to adore Jackson and Josiah. Both Lilah’s speech and vision are having trouble. Additionally, she appears to be bowing her legs as well. She will soon require the same operation that her older brother Jackson underwent last December & for her eyes as well.

Having Amy around to assist her with chores around the house would also make Tori very happy. She gets a much-needed respite from the kids, without a doubt. So let’s hope that Tori and Zach’s dream, along with Amy and Chris’s major moving plan, leads to these two couples reuniting as neighbors in 2023.

Lilah Roloff

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