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Kody Brown Rushed To Garrison’s Home After Son’s Tragic Death?




Sister Wives patriarch shocked fans when news broke that he did rush to his son Garrison’s home after his tragic death. Sadly, Garrison’s brother Gabriel found him deceased after Janelle reportedly sent him to check on his brother. Kody reportedly was at the home once he received the devasting news. However, there are mixed reports of Kody’s presence. Keep reading to see what is known.

Kody Brown Rushed To Son’s Home Following Tragic News?

The Sun shared more information involving the morning Garrison Brown was found deceased in his Flagstaff home on March 5. It was already confirmed via the police report that Gabriel found him and Janelle got there as fast as she could. What nobody did know was where his father was. Now, the news outlet is sharing that the police report they obtained indicates that Kody did rush to Garrison’s home following the news. However, there are mixed reports being shared with the public.

Some are saying the report says that Gabe left the residence to go get Kody and bring him back there even though they were also not getting along. Some are saying that when Gabe returned, Kody was not with him. The report allegedly didn’t mention Kody again other than to say he was there. It remains a mystery is he was truly present or not. Unfortunately, at the time of Garrison’s untimely death, he and Kody were still estranged.

Garrison Brown-Instagram 1

Garrison Brown-Instagram

The two have not gotten along since Garrison and Gabe refused to follow Kody and Robyn’s Covid rules.

Police did speak to Garrison’s heartbroken mother, Janelle who shared regrets of not seeking help for her son earlier. She also revealed the last texts she received from Garrison. He stopped texting her around 8 in the evening.

When he wouldn’t respond, she sent Gabe to check on him.

Sadly, Garrison’s roommates reportedly heard a pop the night before he was found but did not attribute the noise to a gunshot. So, sadly nobody checked on him.

Kody Brown-Garrison Brown-Instagram

Kody Brown-Garrison Brown-Instagram

The Entire Family Is Grieving

Garrison Brown was fiercely loved by his family just as he loved them. Janelle and Kody both posted statements on the day of his suicide and had not posted anything else until today. This morning, Janelle shared a family photo from Christmas. She noted how happy she was to have all her children together and she’s really glad now they took that picture.

It took Christine Brown a few days to share her feelings. She was especially close to Garrison as she helped raise him. Christine shared a video of Garrison helping his little sister build a flowerbed. Her caption read, “Garrison was a wonderful, caring brother who understood Truely’s need for a hobby and built her a flowerbed. We’ll miss him forever. #gratitude #missyou #loveyou #tellthoseyoulovethatyoulovethem”

Garrison’s siblings have also paid tribute to their brother. No word on funeral arrangements has been released by the family.

If you or someone you know is struggling, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255), chat on, or text Crisis Text Line at 741741.

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