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Jon Favreau Reveals Robert Downey Jr.’s Original Marvel Role



Jon Favreau - Robert Downey Jr

Marvel & Robert Downey Jr. has made an enormous jump in the film business in a little more than a decade via the production of 32 feature films. Kevin Feige and his crew have managed to redefine action filmmaking while at the same time turning each superhero film’s premiere into an event for lovers of animated cartoons. To such an extent that the UCM (Marvel Cinematic Universe) rewrote the book on how to run a franchise by interconnecting material, a trend that the field of series has only very lately begun to follow. Iron Man, starring Robert Downey Jr., was the production that launched it all for Marvel Studios, now owned by Disney and has grown into a major player in the entertainment industry.

Robert Downey Jr. Is A Fan Favorite Super Hero

As is the case with other characters in the franchise, like Hugh Jackman and Wolverine or Chris Hemsworth and Thor, it is difficult for anybody living in the modern day to think of the millionaire superhero without seeing Robert Downey Jr. On the other hand, the director Jon Favreau has discussed him on his official YouTube channel in honor of the 15th anniversary of the release of the original Iron Man film. Naturally, the topic of the two-time Oscar nominee’s casting decision swiftly became the focus of the debate.

Robert Downey Jr Iron Man

Downey Has Fought His Demons Off-Screen

There has been much discussion on the casting decision of the interpreter who works behind Tony Stark’s face in the interviews. A moment of redemption after an open struggle with

addiction. The director of the first two movies, about the technical head of the Avengers, however, stated that before searching for the profile that would portray Stark, there were already discussions with the actor to embody other parts, including that of a quite memorable villain. These meetings took place before the director began looking for the profile representing Stark.

“I recall that they had previously met with him ( Robert Downey Jr.) for Doctor Doom or something like on another project, and he was very kind. I believe he had already made an appearance, maybe in Fantastic Four, so everyone was aware of who he was,”

Favreau told the story. After some time had passed, both Feige and the filmmaker remembered that once Downey had been signed up for the titular part, everything else about the movie seemed to fall into place: “Once it was him, that’s when my life got so much simpler because he knew the character’s voice. And then, one by one, people just started jumping on it because once it got intriguing, it became exciting.”

After a decisive fight in the previous movie, in which all of the Avengers managed to defeat Thanos and reclaim their lost allies, the actor said his last goodbyes to the character in Avengers: Endgame. The success of the next group of characters in The House of Flowers Ideas will rely on whether they can live up to the standards established by the cast that came before them.

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