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Johnny Depp Says ‘What Comeback’? He Never Left



Johnny Depp Source: Ellen Show

Johnny Depp was recently in the news due to his contentious divorce from actress Amber Heard. Because of the claims and issues at the time, the actor was fired from multiple roles and ceased getting invites. All of that, though, seems to be in the past.

So much so that the actor’s recent picture, “Jean du Barry,” premiered at the Cannes Picture Festival. Following the premiere, there was a press conference, at which Depp came late and insulted the French press’s queries about his career.

The actor stated that he never departed from the movie scene, which is why this “return” tale seemed strange. “I keep wondering about the word return because I haven’t gone anywhere,” he said.

Johnny Depp - Willy Wonka

Depp Gets Boycotted Over Ex-Wife Drama

However, Depp is claimed to have faced a boycott during the years of his legal battle with his ex-wife. “You have to have cockroach blood (or no pulse) not to notice or feel what is going on.” Of course, you feel a bit uncomfortable when you’re asked to resign from the film you’re working on over something that’s simply a collection of vowels and consonants floating in the air.”

Depp was pulled from the film “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore” owing to the process and several objections against the actor. Furthermore, his future in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series remained questionable for a long time.

Even after going through this difficult period, the actor said that the sensation that people are boycotting him has faded. And since Depp’s new work is of French provenance, he claims he no longer relies on Hollywood to sustain his career. “I’m not thinking about Hollywood.” “I don’t need Hollywood anymore,” he said.

Johnny Depp Disneyland

Even though Depp believes the boycott is gone, some objections on social media have been against his attendance at Cannes. The actor said that the majority of what people write about him and his life is “horribly and fantastically written fiction.”

“Who are these individuals?” Why should they care? “Some people, a group of people who are anonymous behind the light of a computer,” she said.

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Johnny Depp’s First Film In Years

However, the film’s director did not seem to be aware of, or feigned not to be aware of, all of the difficulties. “I don’t know what’s been published about Depp because I don’t read the news,” Maween stated.

The film “Jeanne Du Barry” is Depp’s first in three years. Maween directed the picture, which has sparked more debate than Depp’s “return.” The filmmaker has been accused of assaulting a French journalist. Nonetheless, the film was picked to start the 76th Festival de Cannes.

The decision seems to have been correct, as the video was met with seven minutes of ovation once the session concluded. However, its critical reaction was mixed, with a 60% approval rating on the specialist website Rotten Tomatoes.

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