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Joe Darger Reveals What Caused Kody’s Family To Implode



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Joe Darger has been a family friend of Kody Brown for many years. Joe is also a polygamist who also has three wives. As Kody’s family falls apart, Joe is sharing his thoughts on what exactly caused Kody’s family to implode. Keep reading to find out what he has to say.

Joe Darger shares his thoughts on the Sister Wives family

Joe Darger and his three wives have been friends with Sister Wives star Kody Brown for years. He and his wives even appeared in Season 5 of Sister Wives. This was the first time the Darger family was introduced to viewers. In this particular episode, the two families were joining up to head on a vacation to the beach.

Just to refresh everyone’s memory, the Dargers are another polygamist family. Joe Darger married two of his wives on the same day. Then, he went on to marry one of his wife’s twin sisters.

The Darger family is very different from Kody and his wives. Joe runs his family efficiently with more of a military-like structure. Kody’s wives even commented on how efficiently Joe ran things. This is the complete opposite of Kody. He had a hard time getting any of his family to listen at all.

Sister Wives Kody Brown - Meri - Christine - Janelle Robyn

Everyone knows that the Brown family has imploded and Darger shares why he thinks that happened. First of all, because of the way everything is falling apart, the Darger family does not even watch the show anymore. In 2022 Joe tweeted, “Can’t watch it. To hard to watch people you care about self destruct knowing that most of what is reality TV is not real.”

This tweet came out when Christine Brown was in the process of leaving Kody.

What caused Kody’s family to fall apart?

A few months later, Joe spoke again. A fan asked him about the phrase Kody liked to use which is “Love should be multiplied, not divided.” The fan asked, “Does it not seem that it is actually divided if you are a wife and multiplied if you’re the husband?”

The Darger family replied to the fan saying, “In Kody’s case, it seems he has let it become divided.”

Joe explained his answer further by saying, “Polygamy is a magnifier. If you have love and connection or any weakness, it is multiplied; and if you have ego, resentment, or weakness it is exposed. Far better to be grateful for what you have then to want more.”

It seems fans are not the only ones who believe Kody Brown is to blame for his family imploding. Overall, his ego played a big role in the family’s demise.

What do you think about Joe Darger basically saying Kody is to blame because he allowed the family to become divided?

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