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Jason Morgan Destroys Relationship, Will It Be Carly Or Sam’s?



Carly Corinthos-Jason Morgan-Sam McCall-YouTube

General Hospital fans are excited to see Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) come back from the dead. His return has everyone wondering which love interest he will set his sights on. There are two obvious choices, Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). So, if he goes after either one of these ladies, he will be destroying a relationship in the process. Whose relationship is in jeopardy with Jason’s shocking return? Keep reading to find out more.

Jason Morgan will destroy a relationship, whose will it be?

General Hospital fans are anxious for Jason Morgan’s return to Port Charles. It will be exciting to see which relationship will be destroyed so that Jason can have a love interest. Will it be Carly or Sam?

Both of these ladies are exes of Jason’s and they both appeared in the special promo announcing Steve Burton’s return. So, which relationship will be ruined so that Jason gets the girl?

One of these two men will most likely lose their lady to Jason. Will it be Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) or Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna)?

Carly Spencer-Jason Morgan-General Hospital-YouTube

Carly Spencer-Jason Morgan-General Hospital-YouTube

Why it could be Carly

Jason and Carly were not able to live as man and wife after Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) returned immediately following their wedding. So, after being gone and facing death once more, Jason may be eager to see Carly and see if their love is still there.

Plus, he’s taken a girl from his brother before so why would that deter him now? And, with Carly and Drew having issues anyway, this could be the perfect time for Jason to get in there and sweep Carly off her feet.

Spoilers indicate that Carly and Drew will face some turmoil in 2024 and while most of that has to do with Nina, perhaps Jason will become a factor too.


Jason Morgan-Carly Spencer-YouTube

Will Jason end up with Sam?

Perhaps a reunion between Carly and Jason will not happen. It would most likely cause some strain with Sonny if this occurred as well. So, maybe Jason will pursue his undying love with Sam.

Spoilers indicate that Sam and Dante may not be so happy down the road as some turmoil hits their family.

Jason Morgan-Sam McCall-YouTube

Jason Morgan-Sam McCall-YouTube

Fans always loved Jason and Sam together so perhaps writers will go that route. Maybe they will reunite until their next round of drama splits them up again.

Either way, spoilers indicate that there will be love-life situations pop up for Jason when he returns to Port Charles.

Who do you want to see Jason Morgan reunite with? Will there be a JaSam reunion?

Come back to TV Spoiler News and stay tuned for more updates.

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