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James Gunn Says Do Not Listen To ‘Rumors’ About New DC Universe



James Gunn via youtube

James Gunn is the one who is most likely to be sick of hearing the rumors at this point. The man who was in charge of directing Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy is now, together with Peter Safran, leading the charge for the new DC Universe that Warner Bros. Discovery wants to push.

Gunn has never been one to avoid releasing information via his many social networks, especially when it comes to disputing material that has been leaked to the press. However, based on what we have been able to see in his most recent and comprehensive tweet from him, he is becoming more frustrated with the current state of affairs.

What does James Gunn have to say?

James Gunn is getting tired of all of the speculations about what he is intending to accomplish with his colleague Safran. He said, “I will only restate the basic principle that you should not trust anything until it is communicated to you directly by either me or Peter (Safran). But, unless it’s very bad, I’m going to slow down to say stuff (sorry, I know, it’s one of my favorite traditions). Sorry about that. There are three factors that contribute to this.”

The director of The Suicide Squad has continued to explain on his preferred social network a type of ultimatum for his film fans, implying that, now that he is an executive producer, he should abandon Elon Musk’s platform for a time.

Why the rumors won’t die

The director cites the first reason why these rumors won’t die as the fact that some individuals attempt to catch his attention “to get clicks” without being something he wants to promote. This is the reason why these rumors won’t die. Then, in point number two, he said that he wants to be used as a target of rumors too once one of them is partially accurate so that he can personally validate that hypothesis. This was his explanation for why he doesn’t want to be used as a target of rumors until one of them is partly correct. Last but not least, he recalled that he was focused on the storyboard for Superman: Legacy at the time, which meant that he did not have the time to continue airing his objections.

The rumors regarding everything that will happen to the new DC Universe will continue until those movies and programs are produced. This might take a very long time. Since Gunn has been working in this industry for such a long time, he should be familiar with this particular concept. In particular, it is considering that he is in charge of directing and transferring the film that will become the next iteration of Superman for the big screen. One of the most sought-after parts in the Hollywood business, maybe only rivaled in desirability by a character like James Bond.

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