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Jason & Carly Still Married, What Does This Mean For Sonny?




Shortly after it was announced that Steve Burton left Days of Our Lives, General Hospital made the huge announcement that Jason Morgan is coming back to Port Charles. After being killed when a tunnel collapsed, Jason’s body was never recovered which left the door open for his return one day. It’s happening and as he comes back to shake things up, many wonder if he and Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) are still married. What will it mean for Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard)? Keep reading to find out more.

Is Jason and Carly married?

Jason Morgan is for sure making a big comeback to General Hospital. His resurrection from the dead will most likely cause mixed feelings for a lot of people. One of those is Carly. She believed Jason was dead after the big collapse. However, since his body was never recovered from the rubble it’s easy to believe that somehow he escaped.

When the tunnel collapsed, Carly and Jason were still married. A lot has happened since then. Carly and Sonny have of course continued their on-again off-again relationship. Plus, after finding Sonny in bed with Nina, Carly and Drew reconnected.

However, now, Carly and Drew are over again. It looks like the perfect opportunity for Jason to reemerge. If it’s revealed he and Carly are still husband and wife, what will this mean for Sonny?

Steve Burton-Jason Morgan-General Hospital-YouTube

Steve Burton-Jason Morgan-General Hospital-YouTube

To further add to the chaos, Nina and Sonny’s relationship could be over soon if he chooses not to forgive her. If Sonny is single again why wouldn’t he want Carly back?

Carly and Jason could continue their marriage and while Jason was Sonny’s best friend, this could lead to a fallout. A love triangle could be brewing as well as friction builds up between Jason and Sonny. Carly will have to decide who she wants to be with. Who does she love more? Sonny or Jason?

How far each of them will go to get what they want could also play a factor in what happens between this threesome. Sonny will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Does this include his best friend as well?

No doubt Jason’s return will create issues in the beginning.

His big return

So far, General Hospital has not shared how Jason Morgan will make his big return to Port Charles. Many think that writers gave a hint when they said someone from Elizabeth Webber Baldwin’s (Rebecca Herbst) past would show up on her doorstep.

This person from her past could be Jason. Spoilers indicate he could be injured and needs her help so he doesn’t have to appear at the hospital just yet.

He’s not ready to make his presence known to everyone yet so perhaps she will hide him and nurse whatever ails him until he’s healthy.

They probably won’t rekindle anything as most likely Jason is anxious to get back to Carly. However, this could be an entry point for Jason.

What do you think will happen between Jason, Carly and Sonny? Will Sonny vow to get Carly back from Jason? Will Nina also add to the trouble brewing in Port Charles?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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