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Bold And The Beautiful

Is ‘Bold and Beautiful’ Killing Off John McCook?



Eric Forrester-John McCook-YouTube

Bold and the Beautiful star John McCook who plays the beloved Eric Forrester is ill on the show. What started out as simply arthritis is quickly growing into a much more serious situation. As his condition worsens many fans are wondering if McCook is looking for a way off the show to retire. After all, he’s been playing Eric for more than 36 years. Is the 79 year old actor being killed off by show writers? Keep reading to find out more.

Is Bold and the Beautiful killing off John McCook?

At first the problem Eric Forrrester was having seemed to simply be a case a bad arthritis. However, as fans learned this week, it is something much more serious. The doctor paid a visit to Eric and Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis). He shared terrifying test results for Eric.

According to the doctor, the tremors that Eric started experiencing is being caused by TIA which is transient ischemic attack. It is basically a mini stroke that a strong indicator that a big stroke could be imminent.

Eric will endure more testing to hopefully prevent a catastrophic stroke from occuring. After the doctor left the Forrester residence, Donna went to make them both some more tea after an emotional conversation between the two. She vowed to stand by his side through it all.

John McCook-Eric Forrester-Jennifer Gareis-Donna Logan-YouTube

John McCook-Eric Forrester-Jennifer Gareis-Donna Logan-YouTube

When Donna left the room, Eric began coughing up blood. It looks as though he could be suffering from a very serious condition.

So, are writers killing off Eric Forrester so John McCook can retire? The answer is a definite no way. According to TV InsiderJohn McCook has signed a three year extention to his contract. So, he isn’t going anywhere until at least 2026.

Since he does have a contract in place for a few more years, nobody is quite certain how this storyline will play out. In the world of soaps it’s anyone’s guess.

He has had a long run on the show

John McCook has been a part of The Bold and the Beautiful since March 1987. He also managed to snag winning the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2022 after four nominations.

Through the years his character has survived many struggles, it seems this will be another one he will overcome.

Many think that with Eric being ill, he and Donna will decide to wed and join forces to have a double wedding with Ridge and Brooke.

Do you think this will happen? What do you think is wrong with Eric? Were you worried they would kill him off?

Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers.

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