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Inside Matt Roloff & Caryn Chandler’s Beautiful $500k AZ Home



Matt Roloff Caryn Chandler LPBW

Little People Big World celebs Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler have quite the place in Arizona these days, based on the latest updates from them. And here’s what we know about their pad in The Grand Canyon State.

Little People Big World: Caryn & Matt Doing it Big in Arizona

Fans of Little People Big World who stay up to date on the news know that Caryn Chandler has left the TLC show. The two will still divide their time between Arizona and Oregon because Matt Roloff still owns Roloff Farms and his grandchildren there, even though he is ready to join her.

Matt Caryn Az house

Even though Matt Roloff wishes he could stay in Arizona with Caryn, he recently admitted that he could only be separated from his kids for “a couple of weeks at a time.” The idea of moving back and forth between states is nothing new for Matt and Caryn. So, in the future, there will be a lot more of it.

Matt , Caryn - Molly

Inside TLC Couple’s Arizona Home

The Arizona house of Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler has a lot to offer. It has a sizable kitchen with bespoke worktops for Matt’s convenience. In the end, buying a home rather than reserving a hotel room or vacation rental was the best choice considering how much time the couple spent in Arizona.

caryn chandler kitchen

Other features include a sunny patio that is ideal for organizing events or having a barbecue, as well as guest rooms for visitors. The fact that Caryn’s parents reside nearby is another benefit. In fact, Matt and Caryn paid her parents $375k to sell them the Arizona property in 2018. Since then, the house has easily doubled. And it appears to offer everything they require for a comfortable stay.

matt caryn zillow

LPBW: A Place to Escape Farm Drama & More

Relationships have been strained for a long, despite the fact that they are gradually improving in the wake of the Roloff Farms crisis. Additionally, having somewhere to go when they needed to get away from it all was beneficial for Matt and Caryn.

matt caryn guest and master bedroom

Matt Roloff claims to relish Arizona’s high temperatures and low humidity. Caryn and Matt also have pals that they have met along the way. So in many respects, by dividing his time between Arizona and Oregon, Matt has the best of both worlds.

Matt Roloff Caryn Chandler - Chris Marek Patio

If and when Matt decides to stop filming and hand over the farm, fans of Little People Big World may be concerned about what will happen to the show in the future. Fortunately, he has a lovely site in sunny Arizona to unwind in as he approaches his golden years.

Matt Roloff Caryn Chandler LPBW AZ Backyard

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