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Inside Kody & Robyn Brown’s Mansion Master Bedroom & More



Kody Brown - Robyn Brown - Sister Wives

Kody Brown, the patriarch of Sister Wives, and Robyn Brown, his fourth and current wife, jointly possess a luxurious home. In 2022, real estate sources estimate that Robyn and Kody’s house will be worth significantly more than $1 million.
Check out the details of Kody and Robyn’s home in Flagstaff.

Robyn and Kody Brown home - Zillow

Robyn and Kody Brown home – Zillow

Sister Wives: Kody & Robyn Brown’s Mansion Is In Forest

Kody and Robyn Brown bought their five-bedroom, four-bath home in Flagstaff, Arizona, after leaving Las Vegas. The 4,400-square-foot cabin is surrounded by forests and has breathtaking views of the nearby mountain ranges. says the spacious mansion was built in 2007, and is situated on a ridge on four “heavily forested” acres.

Robyn Brown - Kody Brown Livingroom - Source Zillow

Robyn Brown – Kody Brown Livingroom – Source Zillow

Kody and Robyn’s Home In Flagstaff Is Amazing

Kody and Robyn are referred to as “husband and wife” on the deed of trust, per paperwork from Coconino County that Daily Mail was able to get. Robyn and Kody moved their entire family from their Las Vegas cul-de-sac to their new home in Flagstaff before closing on the property on August 30, 2019.

Robyn Brown - Kody Brown Rustic Home Zillow

Robyn Brown – Kody Brown Rustic Home Zillow

Spacious, Rustic-Style Home Fit For A King

The home of Robyn and Kody Brown features a four-car garage, a sizable wraparound deck, and an outdoor dining area. Sister Wives frequently airs it. Both the exterior and the interior are breathtaking.

Robyn & Kody Brown Dining Room - Source Zillow

Robyn & Kody Brown Dining Room – Source Zillow

Robyn & Kody Brown’s Massive Kitchen and Dining Area

The lavish home has four bathrooms, three additional bedrooms, two master suites, and two other master apartments. With a gas stove and refrigerator that are both commercial-sized, underfloor heating and a wine fridge, the kitchen keeps its upscale appearance.

Robyn & Kody Brown Kitchen Zillow

Robyn & Kody Brown Kitchen Zillow

Kody spent the majority of his time with Robyn at his residence during the coronavirus outbreak. He chose not to see his other three wives because Janelle and Christine weren’t adhering to his stringent coronavirus preventive program.

Kody largely lived with Robyn and their five children because Meri hasn’t lived with them regularly since their marriage broke down years ago. Kody kept away from this house throughout the terrible pandemic. Additionally, it was the beginning of the end for all of his sister wives’ unions.

Robyn & Kody's Master Bedroom - Zillow

Robyn & Kody’s Master Bedroom – Zillow

Janelle’s House Didn’t Feel Like Home To Kody

“It’s weird. In the time that COVID has been going on, I felt more and more and more like that was Janelle’s house, and it wasn’t my house. And the irony of this situation which is not good for relationships, is that Robyn’s house, as I’ve been there more, has made me feel like that’s my house, and my rules, and my family,” Kody explained on Season 16. Fans of Sister Wives have repeatedly argued that the women’s living arrangements are unjust, but it is now quite clear that Robyn has received preferential treatment.

Janelle & Kody Brown

In Season 17 of Sister Wives, the owner of the modest one-story “fixer-upper” that Janelle rented listed it for sale. She made the decision to buy an RV and move to the Coyote Pass property in order to save money and, ideally, start building her dream home. Until Savanah graduates from high school, Janelle is currently residing in a charming apartment.

Janelle Brown RV LIfe

Janelle Brown RV Life

How do Robyn & Kody Brown’s living circumstances compare to those of Janelle Brown and the other Sister Wives? Post your comments in the space below.

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