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Hannah Ann Sluss Announces Florida Move, Plans For Wedding



The Bachelor-Hannah Ann Sluss-YouTube

Hannah Ann Sluss and Jake Funk are already planning for their upcoming wedding vows. While traveling to Cabo, the pair recently got engaged after dating for nearly two years. Now that she has the ring it’s time to start planning the big day. Plus, they are making a big move cross country.

Jake Funk and Hannah Ann Sluss are moving out of California

In an interview with US Weekly, Hannah Ann Sluss discussed her engagement to NFL star Jake Funk. Wedding planning is just beginning but she already has a timeline in place. Hannah Ann must schedule her wedding around football season because she is getting married to an NFL player. So what date are they aiming for to celebrate their love?

In a statement, Hannah Ann said that she and Jake hoped to wed in 2024. More particularly, they are making preparations for the 2024 football off-season. Although the wedding planning is significant, she also shared another significant piece of information. She revealed that Jake and she are relocating to Florida.

The Bachelor-Hannah Ann Sluss-Instagram

The Bachelor-Hannah Ann Sluss-Instagram

She said, “Jake always gets a kick out of it because we got engaged and he’s like, ‘Why is everyone asking us about the wedding?’ I’m like, ‘Of course, it’s the first thing people are gonna ask!’” Hannah Ann continued, “Right now, we’re focused on the move — we’re moving to Florida, getting into a new home there. That’s our biggest priority. I’ve been out in California for several years now, so it’s gonna be a huge change for me, [so I’m] focused on that.”

She made fun of the fact that they would have had to be married this weekend if they didn’t want to wait until 2024 because Jake departs for Indiana’s spring NFL training in April.

The Bachelor-Hannah Ann Sluss-Jake Funk-Instagram

The Bachelor-Hannah Ann Sluss-Jake Funk-Instagram

Does she have a wedding theme picked out?

Hannah Ann disclosed that she would begin the couple’s wedding preparations from scratch. She is unsure about exactly what she wants to do. Hannah Ann does know one thing about her wedding. She wants to keep it small.

Hannah Ann said, “I don’t really have, you know, any vision in mind other than something small. And right now, we’re just focused on our relationship and making sure that’s our top focus and then the wedding will come, you know, I just feel like naturally.”

The couple is just enjoying their new engagement at the moment and getting prepared to move.

What do you think about Jake and Hannah Ann deciding to get married in 2024 during the off-season?


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