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‘Golden Bachelor’ Spoilers: Gerry Turner’s Final Two Ladies



Gerry Turner-YouTube

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner kicks off his journey on September 28 on ABC. However, die-hard fans who can’t wait to know what happens can find out his final two ladies now. Reality Steve has dished out the goods and revealed which lucky women are heading to the final rose ceremony. Keep reading to find out more about who makes it down to the end of Gerry’s season.

Reality Steve reveals Gerry Turner’s final two women

Reality Steve is good at spoiling anything Bachelor-related. This includes the premiere season of The Golden Bachelor. While he has not been able to piece together the final rose winner, he has named the final two women. Gerry Turner is one lucky man and he has two incredible final two to choose from. Who are these two ladies?

Once ABC announced the 22 lucky women who would be vying for Gerry’s heart on the inaugural season of The Golden Bachelor, it didn’t take long for Steve to reveal the final two.

Along the way he also revealed that there are only three hometown dates this season and only the final two have a chance for overnight dates. Other than hometowns, the cast did not travel for the season until the end. The final dates, meeting Gerry’s family and the final rose ceremony all took place in Costa Rica.

According to Steve, Theresa Nist, and Leslie Fhima are the final two women Gerry must choose between. Faith Martin is the woman who finished third and was eliminated after hometowns.

Who are these two ladies?

Theresa Nist is a 69-year-old financial services professional from Shrewsbury, New Jersey.  She is proud of teaching herself all about the stock market.

Theresa Nist via Instagram

The other final two lady is Leslie Fhima. She is 64 years old and lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She’s a former professional figure skater who’s run 10 marathons and loves to help others live their best lives. She has three kids and three grandkids. Plus she loves spending time with her little dog.

Leslie Fhima via Instagram

Many fans feel that these two women look very similar and think Gerry definitely has his work cut out for him making this huge decision.

Gerry has had a lot of incredible women this season and according to Jesse Palmer, they are all so much more than everyone could have ever anticipated. In fact, while some stereotype older people as going to bed early or not being able to hang with the crowd, this wasn’t the case for this crew.

Jesse said they were all so confident and partied from sundown til sunup. There were no naps and they all had the best time.

Fans are looking forward to seeing Gerry look for love. He lost his wife in 2017 and is ready to put his heart out there again. His family fully supports his journey and attests to what an incredible man he is. Jesse Palmer concurs.

What do you think of the final two women Gerry chose?

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