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‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner’s Winner Revealed, Is He Engaged?



Gerry Turner-Golden Bachelor-YouTube

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner is almost done with his journey as the first-ever senior Bachelor. As his journey prepares to come to a close, many are wondering if Gerry did find love. Fortunately, for those who can’t wait until November 30 for the answer, Reality Steve shared the scoop about who wins and also if Gerry is engaged. Keep reading to find out which of the two remaining women will get Gerry’s final rose.

Who is Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner’s winner?

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner will be wrapping up his season on November 30. The show is taking a break for the Thanksgiving holiday and will not air this Thursday. However, next Thursday, all will be revealed. Who will Gerry choose?

Will he choose outgoing Leslie Fhima or Theresa Nist who shares a similar backstory to Gerry’s? Reality Steve was able to get the information for those fans who just can’t wait for the finale.

So, who wins? Gerry had a hard time going into fantasy suites and deciding who was the best match for him. He gushed over his time with Leslie. In fact, he boldly told her that he believed she was the one.

However, when he was alone with Theresa he found they share a lot of the same values. By the time his night was over with both Theresa and Leslie, Gerry seemed to know what he wanted. But, both of the ladies will meet his family and they will weigh in on who they think is a good fit for their dad.

In the end, he had to choose between them and decide who fits better into his life.

According to Steve, Gerry Turner chose to give his final rose to Theresa Nist. Plus, Steve was also able to confirm that Gerry did pop the question and ask Theresa to marry him. She said yes and now Gerry and Theresa are reportedly engaged.

Leading up to the final rose ceremony

Previews for the finale reveal Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner having a hard time with the decisions leading up to the final rose ceremony. Gerry does not want to hurt anyone and he knows he will have to break Leslie’s heart.

In previews, Gerry can be seen crying and telling Jesse Palmer that this pain is a close second to when his wife passed away.

He will manage to get through it all and choose Theresa. Many fans have deemed her as the best fit for Gerry since their first one-on-one date at the beginning of the season.

Gerry Turner-Theresa Nist-Golden Bachelor-YouTube

Gerry Turner-Theresa Nist-Golden Bachelor-YouTube

What do you think about Gerry proposing to Theresa Nist?

Stay tuned for more updates and come back to TV Spoiler News for all things Bachelor Nation.

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