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‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner Fantasy Suite Spoilers



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The Golden Bachelor is nearing the end of its premiere season. Gerry Turner struggled at the end of the hometown date episode. He gave Leslie Fhima a rose but left crying before handing out the second and final rose. He told Jesse Palmer he knew what he wanted to do but didn’t want to do it. The show ended on a cliffhanger. Who will he pick to take to the fantasy suites? Keep reading to get the scoop.

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner goes from three to two women

Fans already know that Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner gave one of his final two roses to Leslie Fhima. The other rose comes down to either Faith Martin or Theresa Nist. Gerry was having a hard time giving out the final rose that night and walked out very upset.

After pulling himself together he will go back into the rose ceremony and give out that final rose while breaking the other woman’s heart. Who does he pick?

According to spoilers, Gerry will give his second rose to Theresa Nist. These two women are guaranteed to meet his family and also go on those coveted fantasy suite dates.

Golden Bachelor-Gerry Tuner-Jesse Palmer

In recent interviews, Gerry has dished on fantasy suites and what they meant to him. For the younger Bachelor and Bachelorette’s, it usually means testing out intimacy with someone who could potentially be their final choice. For Gerry, he says it wasn’t really about the intimate moments.

He revealed that the fantasy suites were a time he could connect with his final choices on a deeper level. They could talk about things that they don’t want to discuss in front of their grandchildren.

Golden Bachelor final three

The Golden Bachelor Final Three Women

He’s talked about moving

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner also revealed that he and his two choices that will accompany him to fantasy suites talked about important topics off camera. One huge topic and one of the first ones discussed was where to live.

Gerry said it’s all about compromise. He originally used to have a dating rule that he would date nobody that lived more than sixty miles from him. Of course, being on the show changed all that as that is not a feasible request.

So when asked by Tamron Hall if he was really willing to move out of Indiana for his final choice, he said yes. He repeated it’s about compromise and said that he and the woman he chooses have looked at various areas to move to.

Gerry was very careful to not give away who he chooses saying he didn’t want to give the Golden Bachelor attorney’s more work.

Between Theresa and Leslie, who do you think Gerry will choose?

Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers. Come back to TV Spoiler News for all thing Bachelor. 

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