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‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry & Theresa’s 1st Date Gives Chills To Fans



Gerry Turner-Theresa Nist-Golden Bachelor-YouTube

The Golden Bachelor premiered last Thursday night on ABC and fans are already craving more. Gerry Turner made a lot of connections during night one including one with Theresa Nist. They shared one of the first passionate kisses of the season as well. Now, he’s taking her on a one-on-one date that’s giving fans chills. Keep reading to find out more.

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner takes Theresa Nist on a date that gives chills

The connection between Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist is uncanny. They share more similarities than they could have imagined. Gerry will take Theresa on a one-on-one date on Thursday’s new episode and it will give fans chills. As they talk at an adorable diner while sharing a milkshake, Theresa will share details of her past.

Theresa shares with Gerry that she also met her husband in high school. They were high school sweethearts like Gerry and Toni. She went on to ask him if it sounded familiar. He shook his head.

Theresa Nist-Gerry Turner-Golden Bachelor-Instagram

Theresa Nist-Gerry Turner-Golden Bachelor-Instagram

Theresa shared she was married to her husband for 42 years before he passed away. They connected even more at that moment. After she shared her story with Gerry he said that for once he didn’t feel like breaking down and crying over his own loss. Instead, Gerry felt that there was hope again for the future.

She also told Gerry that she felt an immediate connection to him the moment she saw him. In a confessional, she said she really likes him and really wants their date to go well. Theresa believes they have a lot in common. They truly seem to and it’s obvious Gerry feels it as well.

Seeing these two together gives chills to some fans as they watch their journey unfold.

They seem like a good fit

Theresa Nist seems to be a good fit for Gerry Turner. The Golden Bachelor is looking for someone who wants to have adventures together. He wants someone who values family as he does.

These two already had a romantic moment before their first one-on-one date. During the premiere, Gerry presented Theresa with a birthday cupcake. After she made a wish and blew out the candle they shared a passionate kiss. Their chemistry is obvious to anyone who sees them.

Do you think Theresa and Gerry could end up together? If not her then who do you think is a good fit?

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