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‘GH’ Lucky Spencer Back Amid Steve Burton Return Announcement?



Jonathan Jackson-Instagram

General Hospital fans are already excited that Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) is returning from the dead. What if the show also brought back another beloved fan favorite, Lucky Spencer? Some hints have been thrown out by GH head writers about what is to come in 2024 and it seems like the perfect chance to have Lucky stroll in and throw a wrench in some people’s lives, aka his ex-wife Liz. Keep reading to find out more about this possibly epic return.

Is Lucky Spencer returning to Port Charles?

General Hospital spoilers are indicating that something big could be brewing in Port Charles. Why would everyone think this big surprise could be the return of Lucky Spencer? Well, one of the head writers indicated that someone from Elizabeth’s past will suddenly appear.

Writers said, “A little while into the new year, Elizabeth will be stunned when a presence from her past ends up on her doorstep needing her assistance.”

Jonathan Jackson-YouTube

Jonathan Jackson-YouTube

While Steve Burton is set to return in early 2024 many believe that this would be too obvious of an option. So, what better time to stir things up even more and bring back Jonathan Jackson to portray Lucky Spencer once again?

While there are a few options as to who they could bring in to portray Lucky, the OG would be perfect. Plus, Jonathan Jackson is between projects. He was reportedly working on a few movies but they are already in post-production.

If they choose to not bring back Jonathan, they could also bring back Greg Vaughn. If not him either then maybe someone new altogether. However, fans would love to see Jonathan make a big comeback. He hasn’t been a regular on the show since December 2011.

There’s been a lot of conversations about him

There’s been a lot of talk about Lucky Spencer lately as well. Laura’s mentioned he’s out there trying to find himself somewhere. He’s lost a lot as his dad and his two aunts are gone now. Plus, his sister is still in a coma.

So, maybe since he lost so many close to him he might be looking to reconnect with those he does have left, like Aiden. Perhaps he may even want to reconnect with Jake, whom he raised as his own son. Maybe he’s even thinking about Liz.

Liz and Finn have a great relationship right now so what else could ruin their chances like bringing back her first love?

It will be exciting to see if the show does bring back Lucky Spencer. Having Jason and Lucky back would make for amazing stories in Port Charles.

Stay tuned as more details emerge.

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