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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Steve Burton Returning As Jason Morgan?



Steve Burton-General Hospital-Instagram

Rumors are soaring that General Hospital fan favorite Steve Burton could be returning to Port Charles as Jason Morgan. The beloved character was axed from the soap for failing to adhere to the ABC Covid-19 vaccine mandate. Burton stood his ground and refused to comply. So, in 2021 writers killed him off the show, or did they? Keep reading to find out everything that is known about Steve’s possible comeback.

Steve Burton returning to Port Charles?

After being fired from General Hospital, Steve Burton joined Days of Our Lives. His character on NBC is said to basically be Jason Morgan 2.0. So, why not just get rid of him and bring the real Jason back to his original spot on GH?

It was after General Hospital wrote him off of the show, that Steve decided to give Days a shot. In fact, earlier this year he signed a one-year contract with the soap. Most fans do not think it will be a long-term commitment as many do not like him on Days of Our Lives.

Co-star Wally Kurth recently stirred the pot and got the rumor mill churning. While acknowledging that Steve is currently on another soap he also hinted that perhaps that will be short-lived. He went so far as to say that he believes Steve will be making a Port Charles comeback sometime in the not-so-distant future.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that there are some big casting surprises to come. Could this include Steve Burton’s return?

Carly Spencer-Jason Morgan-General Hospital-YouTube

Carly Spencer-Jason Morgan-General Hospital-YouTube

Reasons he could make a comeback

When GH axed Steve Burton, his character Jason Morgan was allegedly killed when a tunnel collapsed on him. However, his body was never recovered. This left an opening for the actor to return in the future if it is in the cards.

Also, ABC eventually lifted its vaccine mandate towards the end of 2022. Therefore, there is really no reason for Steve to stay away.

According to Burton, he and General Hospital ended on good terms. They understood that he had to stick by his beliefs and he understood that they were doing their job. In the end, he doesn’t regret standing his ground about the vaccine.

Steve Burton-Jason Morgan-General Hospital-YouTube

Steve Burton-Jason Morgan-General Hospital-YouTube

He also noted he does not have anything bad to say about the show or anyone on it. Sounds like both parties were keeping things on good ground in case of a potential return of Jason Morgan.

Fans think bringing Jason back to put Sonny (Maurice Benard) in his place would be a good thing. Sonny just landed himself back behind bars and is enduring some tough interrogation.

There are still loose ends that are not tied up where Jason is concerned including his love for Carly Spencer.

Do you hope to see him return to Port Charles? Stay tuned for more updates.

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