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‘General Hospital’ Shocking Preview: Who Turned Sonny Corinthos In?



Sonny Corinthos - General Hospital

Is Sonny really going to die in the General Hospital preview for the week of September 5–8? The scoop is below, along with a teaser video.
Last week, Sonny was having dinner with Kristina at the Metro Court and attending a mini-family reunion with Michael, Willow, and Wiley as Dex, Frank, and Gabe oversaw a shipment for Pikeman on the docks.

General Hospital


Carly, who was in another part of town, only had time to call Dex to alert him of the impending raid on the docks. Gabe and Frank were detained, but Dex escaped. In the midst of this, the FBI barged into Metro Court and arrested Sonny in front of his loved ones.

Carly Corinthos General Hospital

General Hospital: Who Reported Sonny Corinthos?

Everyone is asking the same question this week… Who reported Sonny? Dex lets Joss know that Sonny was turned in as Michael tells Carly about his arrest. Carly doesn’t hesitate long before asking Joss if she is the one who outed Sonny. It goes without saying that Joss wanted Michael and Carly to use the evidence on the flash drive to turn against him.

General Hospital Joss Jacks

Dante asks Michael right away if he handed Sonny up to the authorities. Alexis cautions Nina and Kristina that she, Nina, and his children are vulnerable at the moment. Carly is worried that they are all in danger because Sonny is unconscious. The government appears certain that Sonny won’t escape this time.


Who do you believe handed Sonny over? Was Cyrus the one who gave the Pentonville warden a guarantee? Or did someone else do it?

Find out who Spencer confides in by coming back to TV Spoiler News.

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